Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 127

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Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No.127. Enjoy the vibes!
We say adios to Juan Alberto ‘Chuchita’ Fernández – Voice of the Gaiteros de San Jacinto, who died some days ago. He was 90 years old. RIP, you will be living on in your music.

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Tune into the special Selection Saturday and Sunday at 16:00CET Best of NuCumbia 2020 in two parts!

1 – Trouble ft. Flolento – Maugli
Maugli from Berlin blends vibrant sounds and driving rhythms from all over the globe. 2 Track EP released on Shika Shika

2 – Cumbia Esta Noche – Los Ahijados De La Changa
From San Jose US comes Los Ahijados De La Changa with a 9 Track Album filled with slowed down Cumbias. Wilson Posada, Ivan Flores and a lot of more Singers and Musicians are part of this project produced by El Kool Kyle and Deltatron

3 – Estrella Fugaz – Plastic Toy Sound
Un año No Ha Sido suficiente para olvidarte is a 13 Track Compilation of Lovestorys, disappointments and souvenirs from Puebla MX released on Kumbia Net.

4 – Durango – oATTAo
Two beautiful tracks inspired by Mexican Folklore, a deep and spiritual encounter between cumbia and electronic & downtempo sounds released on Mamboz as Mexicaltzingo EP.

5 – Ven Toma Mi Mano – Pernett
Starting a lil Gaita Session with Maestro Pernett from Bogota, Col. This comes from the highgrade 14 Track ALbum Tengo cada dia.

6 – Cuando las ganas se juntan (ft. Pijule, Lorenzo Morrone) – JÇÃO & Caracas Dub
4 decadent Cumbias with a lot of Dub and Style released on Hawaii Bonsaii.
7 – El Mar y Ella (Taggy Matcher Remix) – Yapunto
Taggy Matcher is a Reggae Dub, Rockstedy, Disco Rockers and Ska Producer from France.
8 – La Recompensa – Junior Jein
Junior Jein was shoot dead lately in Cali, Col after supporting the protesters. This should remember that Colombias SOS is not cleared yet! Also Cuba is sending out an SOS because of protesters getting violated.
9 – Telepatia (Yukicito cumbia remix) – Kali Uchis
Some news from LA’s finest Yukicito giving Kali Uchis a modern Cumbia Sound.

10 – El Paso – Gatokosmiko
Chonoxx is 5 Track EP transmitting from the Andean Hights. Released on New Latam Beats.

11 – Coplas (Chancha Via Circuito Remix) – Muerdo
La Sangre del Mundo is a chilled 11 Track Album combining the south of Europe with the south of America made by Pascual Cantero aka. Muerdo from Murcia, Spain.

12 – Aguaepanela Fantástica – Masilva
New Tune from Masilva is an invitation to buy local and support the local marketers.
13 – Monterrey (Hater Remix) – Guaynaa
Released on La Clinica. Check the alternative Version
14 – La Montamos – (ft. Nino Augustine & Uproot Andy)
On La Montamos, Atlanta-based MC Nino Augustine shows his Afro-latino Panamanian roots with Brooklyn-based producer and NYC “Que Bajo” party co-founder Uproot Andy, unearthing hypnotic urbano rhythms of reggaeton, dancehall and latin trap house, with a some Dirty South twang thrown in.
15 – La Numero Uno – El Drágon Criollo
Beside Contento with its Salsa-Punk, Paulo Olarte Toro also left his voice for the Banana Sound Cartel… and here comes the project where he goes back to his roots.
16 – Santiago Vodou – TI JAN
Santiago Vodou is a band from Santiago de Chile. And the Song released on New Latam Beats is a ceremony of Voodoo!

17 – Damelo Aca (Village Cuts Version) – Son Palenque
London-based duo Village Cuts have shaken up some much-loved modern classics from the celebrated Afro-Colombian group Son Palenque, with the sound of hand claps, maracas, tambores and chants lending themselves suitably to club interpretations. Released on Palenque Records

18 – Cumbia Binaria (Tribilin Sound Remix) – Don Couto
Cumbia Binaria is a digital Cumbia from CDMX celebrating the 2000’s Sound of the Super Cumbia Futurista.
19 – Cumbia Binaria (Amantes del Futuro Remix) – Don Couto
With Remixes by Tribilin Sound, Amantes del Futuro and Yelram Selectah. Release on Kumbia Net
20 – No Soy de Aqu Ni Soy de All – Chico Trujillo
New Song by Chiles hottest Chico Trujillo. Check the Video Cumbias para mí morir!

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