Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 128

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Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No.128. Fishing for Nu Cumbia pearls since a long time.
We are really sad to hear the news about the death of Lee Scratch Perry, inventor of Bob Marley, creator of the Dub, lyrical Master from another space. The man was 85 years old and music would sound different today without his distribution. Rest in peace!
But back to the Cumbia, run the trak selectah!

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1 – Contra La Corriente – Jaguar
Rave culture never hit Colombia in the 90s – an internal civil war and a music industry fixated on blandness and payola made sure of that – but if it had then Jaguar would have been one of its leading lights. On their debut album this Colombian duo excavate the sound of their country’s dance floors, uniting the classy, brassy sounds of cumbia, porro and salsa with the earthier DIY vibrations coming from Afro-Colombian street parties on the coast, melodies and guitar lines learnt from imported African vinyl filtered through drum machines and hand-painted picó sound systems with the bass so high it threatens to knock you over. Soon on Bandcamp.
2 – El Vaciln – G combo, Owem-G
From Lisboa, Portugal comes the G Combo. Bandcamp

3 – A volar (feat. Lido Pimienta) – Muerdo
La Sangre del Mundo is a chilled 11 Track Album combining the south of Europe with the south of America made by Pascual Cantero aka. Muerdo from Murcia, Spain. Check the Video
4 – Klons-Ansible 2021 – Sergio Ovando
From Firebaugh, United States comes Cybernetiko.
5 – L Gante – RKT – (T3S CUMBIA 420 EDIT)
From Argentina to Mx making fog.

6 – Templo Andino – Orgänica Elemental
Orgänica Elemental is live tribal ethno-electronic music. Electro-organic sounds always with roots and rustic essence, strongly influenced by African music. 3 Track EP released on Quinto Fuego.

7 – Cumbia de Ciudad Real (Ft. Pluto) – Silly Tang
The Silly Tang is located between Bristol, Madrid and Marseille and this 6 Track Cumbialist EP you have to hear on the big Soundsystem. It comes with stepping deep Bass and is released on Hawaii Bonsai.
8 – Adiós pueblito de Iruya (Guazú Remix) – El Remolón & Bárbara Silva
A single taken from the upcoming album: El Camino de Leda – Remixed to be released on Folcore

9 – Reacciona – El Individuo
This is 4 Track EP filled with hip hop alternativo from Cuba. Very Cool beatz and wonderful flow
10 – Summertime Heat – Chris Conde
“Last year I hit up El Dusty and asked him if he’d be down to make a gay ass Cumbia track,” Conde says. “He wrote back and was down and sent along the beginnings of what would be ‘Summertime Heat.’ I jumped in the studio and knocked the song out and sent it back within a few days.” Soon after, El Dusty sent back the final mix and history was made. “I’ve been a fan of Chris for a long time,” Dusty raves. “really killed this track and it’s perfect timing for summer!”
11 – La Escandalosa Cumbia 2021 – EL LUNA
From CDMX comes this version.

12 – Episodio VI (Mariposa) – Ivan el Satánico
Vostok 28 is the name of a Club in galaxi 10-60-92. The album comes in 10 Episodes from Queretaro, MX.

13 – Nomads – Nixtamal
With his brand new 8 Track album Pandora, french Producer Nixtamal proposes a solid and definitive sound, where all his past experiments are consolidated in a work oriented towards the future, bringing together all the characteristic pieces of his sonic history, loaded with bass, dub electro characteristic French without losing sight of the Afro-Latin rhythms.
14 – Rio Arriba Rio Abajo – Jaguar
Jaguar mine the sounds of the Colombian Caribbean and global dance sub cultureson a debut album that veers between psychedelic salsa, taut cumbia-disco and zouk party jams.

15 – Cuando La Noche Llega – Ancestral Beats
Querencia is a 14 Track Complation released on Shika Shika. “El Joropo is a genre of music that develops geographically between Colombia and Venezuela. It is music that both countries feel theirs and that is why it has no borders”.
16 – Puya la Piita (feat. Lalau) – Alguacil Dubkilla
Tropical Dub from Colombia.
17 – Work That Body – Sheeqo Beat
So we got a few tribal vibes from MTY this month.
18 – Apache (Syztem Tribal Edit)
Over to CDMX with this classic.
19 – Camara Lenta – El Dusty, Adan Cruz, Serko Fu, Morenito de Fuego
Embodying elements of Cumbia, Electronic, & Trap, “Cámara Lenta” proves to be another textbook banger from El Dusty. “We’re excited to be releasing music with friends. This is the first of a load of tunes coming!” Check the Video
20 – Mono de ti – Nixtamal
The Pandora Album is released on Folcore.