Andrés Digital Cumbia Round Up Episode No 136

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Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No.136

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1 – Tren de Cotopla – Cotopla Boyz
Millenial Cumbia for the end of the world. It all started in Bogotá, the nexus of the tropicanibal and will be released on AYA Records on Vinyl and Digital. Mamarron Vol​.​1​(​Remastered) comes with 8 Tracks.
2 – Empaztado – Celulas Acidas
New Tune from Ecuador’s Celulas Acidas
3 – Cumbia De Los Buenos Sentimientos – TRJ Sound System
TRJ Sound System is a mexican sonidero/futuristic cumbia project…his sounds are the perfect reference to a mexican telenovela in a cumbia sound style. Sonido Melancolica is a re-release of this jewell of the neo mexican culture with 10 Tracks on Kumbale.

4 – Tutamanta – Punku
Six Degrees Records is proud to announce the debut album from Punku, a new project created by Sylvia Falcón and Grimaldo del Solar (Novalima) that mixes Andean traditional music with ancestral instruments and modern genres including electronic music and rock.

5 – Salado (Sistema Beat Andino Remix) – Sangre & Arena
From Gudalajara comes the Axcam Quema EP by Sangre & Arena mashing up sonidos étnicos, latinos, afrolatinos, electrónicos and a lot cumbia. The Ep comes with 3 Tracks and Remixes by Carillo Stereo, Sistema Beat Andino and more.

6 – Ume – El Remolón
Sum is the new EP by the Cumbia Pioneer from Argentina released on Camel Riders. It comes with 4 Tunes and Remixes by Tribilin Sound, Biomigrant and many more

7 – Cumbia Desmadrosa – Pollo Rodriguez
With 12 Cumbias rebajadas comes the Compilation Colombias desde Monterrey Vol.1 released on Franja Records.
8 – Just Be Good To Me (ft. Andrea Brown) – Sam Redmore
Reggae got Soul inna Cumbia Style, this is a perfect mix from Birmingham released on Jalapeno Records.

9 – Mala Hierba – Sidi Wacho
They come from Chile, France and Algeria, but they proudly claim to be home everywhere in the world. It is in a very festive “cumbia-hip hop-balkan” atmosphere that Sidi Wacho’s caravan, composed of two MCs, one trumpet player, one accordionist and one percussionist, settles down noisily to remind us at every moment that “El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido”. In this fourth very colourful and politically committed album, Sidi Wacho reports in music on an authoritarian period and pays tribute to those who fight every day for their emancipation
10 – La Casa es Negra ft. Erasmo Parra – Kali Mutsa
This is a music and visual project of an artist, Celine Reymond. Kali Mutsa, is defined as religious-dance music for body and soul, a psychedelic cocktail of an immigrant granny in the heart of Santiago in the 21st century.
Tune is traveling between time and space.

11 – Mi Lamento – Erick Jaimez
Cumbia Wave comes with 17 Mash-Ups from Dallas, Texas.
12 – Kuntur Hina – Punku
The name Punku means “door,” “access” or “portal.” For the Incas, the Punkus were doors or portals to communicate with their “gods” and their ancestors. The Album comes with 9 Tracks.
13 – Ahí esta Benkos viéndonos llegar – Mico y Curares
From BsAs comes this Band mashing up Cumbia, Salsa and other Latin Styles.

14 – La Promesa – Cumbiamuffin
After humbly coming to life on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, this rhythm—and everything it represents: its multiethnicity, its danceable pulse, its resilience—snaked its way up the mountains to reach Colombia’s urban capitals, Bogotá and Medellín, who transmitted the signal to Mexico, Peru, Argentina… Cumbia travelled, and wherever it landed it took hold; Charles Mingus got his fill in the 70s, Mexicans brought it across the US border in the 80s, Joe Strummer couldn’t get enough of it in the 90s; and wherever it landed, it has shown its flexibility, its ability to adapt to new environments. And now we have Cumbiamufin from Australia
15 – Planeando Ando (Prince of Queens Deconstruction Mix) – Cumbiamuffin
The Album comes with 6 Tracks and 4 Remixes and is released Digital and Vinyl.

16 – Neon – Panther Panther
This EP is a joyful journey into candy floss lands and fairground, late night bar madness in outer galaxies. Unashamedly digital and bouncy, this collection of three tracks with remixes by Qechuaboi, Sonora Mulata and Brujjas Deejay becomes a global, futuristic, Akira-esque party in a post-apocalyptic technological utopia, playfully combining tropical conventions where cumbia, moombahton, dembow, electro-pop and 3Bal meet in a wild storm of digital and acoustic sounds. Released on Radio Chiguiro

17 – Kumbia die Berg Yeah – Kuto Quilla
With 6 Tracks between Cumbia, Reggaton and HipHop comes the Kanchari EP by Hamburg Resident Kuto Quilla.

18 – Havana Meets Kingston (La Canción) (ft. Brenda Navarrete)
Mista Savona Presents Havana Meets Kingston is an epic set of 15 tracks that unites the deep roots grooves of reggae, dancehall and rocksteady with the scorching soul of Cuban son, timba and salsa.
While connected by common African roots and colonial histories, the music of Cuba and Jamaica have traveled largely in separate directions. Their influence on the music of the world has been immeasurable.
19 – Lua – G combo
Deep down from Lisboa ina dubby style
20 – Insomnio – Erick Jaimez
One more from the Cumbia Wave Album