Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 135

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Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No.135. Unfortunately we lost our attribute “monthly” but still heating up the mixes. Enjoy this round of fresh tropical Cumbias. Run it selctah!

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1 – La Pesadilla – Conjunto Media Luna Meridian Brothers
Paz en La Tierra is a result of a search by the Meridian Brothers & Conjunto Media Luna of the heart of something that can be called a ‘power format’ of Colombian Caribbean music; Accordion, Guacharaca, Caja, Congas, Electric bass, and vocals. The Album comes with 10 Tunes.

2 – Sol – Oceana Son
Oceana Son aka Oceana Joos is a French-Mexican multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer.
Her music is inspired by the sound of natur, organic Instruments and Riddims indígenas combined with Electronic Beatz. This 5 Track EP SaturnaLeza is released by New Latam Beats.
3 – Poema Otomi (Andrés Digital Mix)- Moska Hernandez
Un poema hecho canción in Santa Teresa, Mx. Check the Video with the original Mix of the Song.

4 – La Cumbia del Pibe Dub – Pocho
The Compilation Sonideros del Futuro Vol1 comes with 20 tunes by Artist like Erik Jaimez, Niño Francois, Maldito Final Feliz and many more. Released by Kumbale

5 – Que de l’Amour (Remix 2022) – Sidi Wacho
With 8 Tracks comes the new Album Calle Sound System mixing up a lot of Styles like Balkan, Valse and Cumbia. The band is out on french Roads heating up the scene, catch them if you can…

6 – Are You Ready Feat. Andrés Digital – Bial Hclap
New Latam Beats from Mexico is a series of 3 Compilation selected by Murúa, Jiony and Diguital Trip

7 – Suenan las descargas (ft. @Re Fantasma) – Chipi Pasti
Rock Cumbiero is a 8 Track Album from Argentina combining the Sound of the Cumbia Villera with the punky Sound of the Clash, critical lyrics and lots of groove.

8 – Sola (ft. Kartel Pacifico & La Bembera) – Sunka
Sunka’s new album Sendero is featuring Medellin-based hip-hop and reggae singer Raspapulaman, rising stars La Bembera and Zam El Caribean, Bogotá-based hip-hop and punk singer Jacob, hip-hop maestros Kontent Thug and Santacruz Medina of Kartel Pacifico. This is not your typical tropical album.
9 – Dos Cielos – Ultra K
More from the New Latam Beats from Mexico.
10 – Roots (ft. Raspapulaman & La Bembera) – Sunka
Sunka delivers a perfect blend of sub frequencies, heavy electronic drums and organic elements. Sweet and sharp at the same time,”Sendero” will make you whine your waist and will certainly go heavy on your speakers!
11 – Sistem (ft. Kontent Thug) – Sunka
12 – Ella Le Gusta (ft. Jacob DMC & La Bembera) – Sunka
The Album comes with 11 Tracks in different colors.

13 – Playaduna – Thub
El hombre caimán is a 9 Track album that seeks to be influenced by the landscapes, traditions and legends of Colombia, interpreted from the sounds of electronic folk with cinematic and psychedelic touches very much in the vein of Thub.
14 – Tirame El Ritmo – Maldito Final Feliz
More from the Kumbale Compilation Sonideros del Futuro Vol1
15 – Tears (Radio Edit) – Sam Redmore
Ever since DJ Shadow flipped Giorgio Moroder’s ‘Tears’ on his iconic hip hop classic ‘Organ Donor’ it’s been ripe for a cumbia cover. Sam Redmore provides a unique and welcome rework like no other. From Birmingham, UK.
16 – Kiss The Frog – Afrodita & Asagi Saundo
The 3 New Latam Beats Compilations from Mexico coming with 30 Tunes in different colors.

17 – Kumbia Dark – Kuto Quilla
The Kanchari Ep comes with 7 Tracks from Hamburg, Germany.
18 – Alborada – Thub
El hombre caimán is released on Folcore
19 – La Sabia – Oceana Son
SaturnaLeza is a chilled 5 Track EP.
20 – El profesionalismo es importante – Conjunto Media Luna Meridian Brothers
Using several theatrical situations, alterations in musical structures, and slight deformations of the traditional harmony (a tonal center and its dominant) the result of “Paz en la Tierra” is enigmatic and charming, and at the same time directed towards the dance floor keeping the past alive and flourishing the essence of the tradition.