O.S.D.B. ft. Andrés Digital – Tropical Gueto
Original Son del Barrio, from Monterrey; presenting their first album Tropical Gueto. A trip through different neighbourhoods, with a collection of sounds ranging from Digital Cumbia and Hip-hop to Reggae and Tropical bass. Created as a collaboration between Mexico and Germany (featuring founding member and singer Angel Perez, and Dj and producer Andres Digital), this tropical experiment begins with a series of concerts in Rome, Amsterdam and Paris. Plans are laid for the co-production of Tropical Gueto in said tour; and the resulting efforts saw the participation of Indepe Roots, Bianca Ciocca, Moska Hernandez, Joyce Musicolor and Feo Feo Records; as well as Gran Om, on art duties. Tropical Gueto sets the bar high for Digital Cumbia, setting a clear benchmark for the genre. Angel Perez (aka Son del Barrio) lends his voice to the streets and the “barrio” culture of Monterrey, in the expressive language of his own lyrics and compositions; through the sensitivity and technical ingenuity of producer and Dj Andres Digital

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Release Date June 2023


Andrés Digital – Sigue la Guaracha – the Art of Remix –
At the beginning of this year we released the Album Sigue la Lucha and now we present Sigue la Guaracha – the Art of Remix – with Tunes from the Albums Sigue la Lucha, Guaracha Tropical and the Cumbialandia EP remixed by some heavyweight Cumberos. As the Nu Cumbia Movement is an international Movement, we’re bringing together Producers and Singers from all around the Planet. Artists like Son del Barrio, Str8 WH and Quetzalcoatl getting remixed by Señor Gaviria, Solo Moderna, Diezma,Qechuaboi, Sigsonbia, Maldito Final Feliz, Birth Defects and Akilin.

Release Date April 2021

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Andrés Digital – Sigue la Lucha
Sigue la Lucha is a 9 Track Cumbia + Bass Album. This is original album No 5 for the Cumbia veteran beside 13 albums filled with Remixes and Mash Ups. Cumbia is a very versatile Style, open to be mashed up with a lot of other urban genres. So here you get 90s rave-inspired synthesizers, deep 808 basslines, the percussive rhythm of the Cumbia, the spirit of Reggae and the madness of the Luchadores. This is high-flying action.

Release Date January 2021

Sigue la Lucha is available for Download – BandcampAmazon

Sigue la Lucha is available for Streaming – SpotifyDeezerAppleAmazonSoundcloud

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MERU and Bial Hclap – Amazonia EP
Amazonia is a 5 Track EP with an original Tune by Bial Hclap (MX) and MERU (VZ) and 4 Remixes by Real Cumbia Activa, Serge Gee, A1000EYES, Leónidas Ghione. Find Tropical House with a touch of Latin Funk and lots of Downbeats.

Release Date April 2020

Amazonia is available for Streaming – SoundcloudSpotifyDeezerAppleYouTube
Download – BandcampGoogle PlayAmazon

Andrés Digital – Guaracha Tropical
The Cumbia is a Style very versatile and open to mash it up with a lot of more Urban Genres. This Dancehall is open minded ….No Borders, No Limits.
Guaracha Tropical is Andrés Digital’s 16th album opening new dimensions for his Tropical Bass Sound. This Album contains 10 tracks made for the Dancefloor and comes with lots of Bass, Vibes and Message to make people move. Paco Mendoza and Deela join in for two Songs, the Balkan Brass Heroes from Fanfare Ciocarlia blow their Horns in 2 Songs and Caballo sets up a Hymn + 5 more voyages thru Time and Space directed by Andrés Digital.

Release Date July 2019

Guaracha Tropical is available for Streaming

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Banana Sound Cartel – Crema Remixed
The “Banana Sound Cartel”, formerly known as “Los Transatlanticos”, is a worldwide artist collective known for mixing Colombian Cumbia, Afrotropical and Electronic Music. “Banana Sound Cartel” refers, with a twist of irony, to the well known concept of “Banana Republics” and the unfortunate stigma of the Colombian drug cartels; building on the Colombian diverse heritage to revisit and recall its creative future. We are very happy to be part of this project and sure you will like this 6 Track EP with Remixes from Yukicito, Panther Panther, Sonido Berzerk, Dead Stare, Nixtamal and Andrés Digital.

Release Date Febuary 2019

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Andrés Digital – Tropical Rave
Here comes the new album from Cumbia + Bass Producer Andrés Digital. Tropical Rave contains 12 tracks which play with all kinds of Cumbia Styles mashing them up with Electronica, Dancehall, Samba, Salsa, Dub, Boombachero, Champeta, Rebajado, Soca and Trap creating an unstoppable groove. The Album comes with a 4 Track Bonus MashUp EP. Welcome as Guests: Paco Mendoza, Don Caramelo, El Malo Malone, Don Camilo, Tiger Blood, Seba TC, Luna de Paita.

Release Date June 2017
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Julito Balacera meets Andrés Digital
In combination with Sello Regional and Es Fibre we released this pearl recorded in the Panama Jungle with Remixes by Tribillin Sound, Erick Jaimez, El $abor, Fake Moustache

Release Date October 2015
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Andrés Digital y su Conjunto Extraterresrial

This was original released in 2014 on a Mexican Label, we rereleased it in 2019.
The Album comes with 4 Tunes ft. Masilva, Longfingah, Inti Irie and Mama Limon and getting Remixes by the Cream of Urban Cumbia Producers – Superpendejos, Kinky Elektric Noise, LATA, Alan Rosales, Los Reyes de la Milanga, Dash Slktr, Pupa Vinylist, Dany F, Yelram Selectah, Chong X and DLMJ. So we are going from Cumbia to Champeta, to 3ball and lots of more different Bass Styles.
The 2019 Version contains a new Mix for Hacia el Rio and a Bonustrack remixed by DLMJ.

Release Date 2014/2019
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el tribalero cover
DJ Tack & DJ Tamalero – El Tribalero
Tribal Guarachero tunes by DJ Tack, DJ Tamalero and DJ David. Including many remixes by international producers like Bumps (London, UK), Michael Bruce (Portland, USA), Andrés Digital (Darmstadt, Germany), Guapo Feo (NY, USA) and Andykisaragi (Bristol, UK).
Compiled in cooperation with Caballo and the G.U.N. (Global Underground Network).

Release date: August 2012
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TropicalBass Vol 1 Funky Edition
Various Artists – TropicalBass Vol. 1 – Funky Edition
Compilation with So Shifty (Hamburg, Germany), Tipanic (Vienna, Austria), Max Le Daron (Bruxelles, Belgium), DJ Mellow (Bruxelles, Belgium), Dreadsquad (Lodz, Poland) & Lady Chann (London, UK), Marflix (Berlin, Germany), Danny Scrilla (Munich, Germany), Blnd! (Hungary), Kush Arora (San Francisco, USA) & Bongo Chilli (USA), Nilsa (Brasil) with Ertu & Pushking Noise (Zurich, Switzerland), 4×4 (Ghana) & Malibu Rockaz (Cocos Keeling Islands / Prague, Hungary) Denham Smith (Jamaica) & SWS (Berlin, Germany).

Release date: March 2012

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