Release – Andrés Digital – Sigue la Guaracha – the Art of Remix Album

At the beginning of this year we released the Album Sigue la Lucha and now we present Sigue la Guaracha – the Art of Remix – with Tunes from the Albums Sigue la Lucha, Guaracha Tropical and the Cumbialandia EP remixed by some heavyweight Cumberos. As the Nu Cumbia Movement is an international Movement, we’re bringing together Producers and Singers from all around the Planet.

Starting with Str8 WH from Kingston, Jamaica remixed by Señor Gaviria, the ol’ Colombian pirate and producer, Mastermind of the Banana Sound Cartel, from Bogota to Barcelona with a lot of Afro-Colombian Dembow.

Solo Moderna from Tilburg, Holland has a unique way of breathing life into the machines he tweaks as if they were creatures from another world playing with their own little toys – an imaginary circus where friendly freaks and alien performers come together. Find here some 80s Dancehall Style with a lot of 8bit Sounds.

Son del Barrio’s la Wacha was the first Tune recorded for the upcoming Album Tropical Gueto which will be released later this year. From Monterrey, Mexico to Lausanne, Switzerland. Maldito Final Feliz brings it from Cumbia to Salsa Choke. A bailar!

DJ Birth Defects is an independent DJ/Producer in El Paso/Cd. Juarez’s border music and art scene and gives new sounds to the Cumbialandia Anthem. Build bridges, not walls!

Sigsonbia from Mexico says about his Remix full of Vibes: „Me vas a pensar en tu corazon y en tu mente, para siempre“

Diezmo – Join the University of Tropical Sound based in London UK making the tune really dangerous! For the Junglist Massive.

Akilin is a musician, music producer, DJ and writes music for films. He is deep into traditional Venezuelan music and loves Latin American and Caribbean music. He is also the creator of the Bituaya Band. Quetzalcoatl is preaching for better vibes. From MX to Roma and back to Caracas.

Quechuaboi, the man from outta space comes in with Trappycal Bass and late-night Bangers. Peruvian boost in Berlin. Up!

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