Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 123

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Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No.123 with the newest Releases coming direct from Cumbialandia.

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1 – La Llorona (Turbo Sonidero Remix) – Guacamayo Tropical
Starting the Round Up between Madrid and San Jose. This is released digital and on 7″ by La Selva Records
2 – Cumbia Binaria – Don Couto
This comes from the upcoming Album by Don Couto from CDMX which mixes Cumbia, Favela Funk, Reggaeton and electronic music.

3 – 888 – QOQEQA
QOQEQA digs into his afro-peruvian and andean roots and shares them to the world with vibrant, electronic textures on this eleven track masterpiece. Tribal grooves and latin sounds are reinterpreted into a dream of sub frequencies and spicy rhythm sections. Released on Kebrada the new Label of DDD.

4 – Baila Neglita – El Satánico
From Querétaro MX comes this 10 Track EP Siempre lo Mismo Vol.2 mashing up the styles.
5 – Psycho Cumbia – Sonido Menear
From Cholula, MX comes Sonido Menear

6 – Cumbia Chingada Madre – Orihuela MSS
With an All Star Guestlist comes the 10 Track Compilation La Cacha Sounds Vol.2 from MX
7 – Somos Fuertes – Pa Kongal x Rey Costa x Parranderos de San Pancho x Giles
From Cuernavaca Mx comes this combination.
8 – La Policia – Bachaco
From Miami EEUU comes Bachaco and his friends from the Police. Lovely Lyrics!

9 – Santo Domingo – Mario y Sus Diamantes
El Palmas Music return to Venezuela’s golden age with Color de Trópico Vol. 2, featuring another selection of tracks from the hugely creative, and hedonistic, period of the 60s and 70s when Venezuela was at the cutting-edge of Latin American music.
10 – Infección Tropical – La Terrorista del Sabor
More from the superhot Compi La Cacha Sounds Vol.2

11 – Salvaje – Looprana
From Chile, released on New Latam Beats, comes this 11 Track Album filled with psychedelic Downbeatz

12 – Mira la Luna – Claudio Arditti – Gonz Cabrera
Organic Sounds from the andes and the jungle with analog synthesizer and electronic elements. The Album comes with 11 chilled Tracks and is released on New Latam Beats.
13 – Yoro (Sonikgroove Edit) – Sonikgroove
New Edit from Barcelombia’s Sonikgroove. The sound blends together organic elements of traditional folklore with electronic music, creating timeless and exotic soundscapes

14 – El Palo Poste – Son Rompe Pera
The first in a series of EPs that Mexico City’s hottest Marimba Band will release under the moniker “Bootleg Cumbia“. These will be songs recorded mostly live during the pandemia, and will be a bridge between the band’s first and second records.

15 – Woya – Andrés Digital
Sigue la Lucha is a 9 Track Cumbia + Bass Album. Watch out for the Remix Album Sigue la Guaracha to be released soon on Tropical Bass. Will come with Remixes by Señor Gaviria, Solo Moderna, Maldito Final Feliz, Birth Defects, Sigsonbia, Diezmo, Akilin, Quechuaboi. Words and Voices by Str8 WH, Son del Barrio and Quetzalcoatl.
16 – Tio Guachupesito (Soul Traumer & Tabasco Driver Edit) – Canalon De Timbiqui
Over to the P18 Familia located in France.

17 – I Do U (Clap Frekeles Remix) – Morenito de Fuego
From MTY Mx comes Morenito de Fuego with 6 Remixes by D2000, Sheeqo Beat, Alan Mendoza, Edher Torres…

18 – Campeones – QECHUABOi
En El Carmen EP this producer finds a new way of expression in which, although his passion for the craziest rhythms possible can be felt, the vibe he transmits is no longer that of a young man who wants to live fast, but something much more cerebral and experimental. Afro-Peruvian polyrhythmic raver euphoria!

19 – Tequila Song – Sr Ortegon
Sr Ortegon from Cali COL presents his latest album entitled Tropical Fusion. An album that blends Electronic music, Lo-Fi and modern sounds with the roots of Latin music.

20 – Lluvia – Zayas
Somewhere from MX comes Pavel Zayas with 6 Cumbias Rebajadas.

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