We are living in a new musical and cultural age, a constant mashup of the western and tropical world. No folklore kitsch, no fake-authentic traditional music with funny hats on. Global Bass with influences crossing continents on a daily basis. Contemporary and real-time.

This magazine talks about interesting genres and streams..

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  • Martin – coordination and administration – dj/producer, the man behind the label Faluma – artist site |website
  • Mr Leub – author and editor – bedroom dj from Frankfurt/Main, addicted to all kinds of music. Student of sociology – website
  • Jelka – author and editor – bassy bubbely bling bling head, doing things since 1981 –
    twitter | tumblr
  • Alexander Katona – author – bass junkie, .net-whore since 56k and freaky lateral thinker – facebook
  • Julia – author, label and girl Friday – website
  • Andrés Digital – author and musician – blog | soundcloud
  • Caballo – author – Colombian MC, producer and anarchist – soundcloud

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