Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 122

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Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No.122 presenting only the newest and hottest Cumbia inspired Tunes direct from the source. Run the Riddim my selectah!

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1 – Rabioso – Tropikhongo
From BsAs comes this 2 Track EP released on Hawaii Bonsai. Find the result of the clash of psychedelic sounds with rhythms that echo in the ghettos of Latin America.

2 – Guadalupe – Santa Fe Klan
Heavyweight 9 Track Album by Santa Fe Klan from Guanajuato, MX. Rap and Cumbia in perfection.

3 – Les Pibes (Snned and Larsen) – Cehache Respira
Back to BsAs , 6 Tracks from CeHacheRespira, who got his roots in Cordoba and Neuquen.

4 – Orbitar – Sauco
We stay in BsAs and changing the Sound. Organic Sounds, because we are organics. Chilled 4 Track EP released on New Latam Beats.

5 – Mami – 2DLQTZ ft. Niño Francois
Mami starts off with the heartfelt plucks of a guitar string forming together that familiar three note cumbia step. While Niño Francois croons out lyrics of a love lost the song quickly gets you moving as 2DLQTZ signature keys rain all over the soundscape taking you to a far away land where angels play key tars and dance cumbia all day. This is a 5 Track Compilation from Los Angeles Mafia Tropical
6 – Mis Sentimientos (RCA Edit) – Los de Akino
Cumbia Rebajada from CDMX reworked by Real Cumbia Activa.
7 – Invasion – El Cifickzer ft.Arrabalero
There where seen extraterrestrials in San Luis Potosi Mx.
8 – Soledad – Santa Fe Klan
Back to the hot Album Santa Kumbia by Santa Fe Klan.
9 – Sax Riddim – El Dusty & Chucho Ponce y Los Daddys De Chinantla
Next one from El Dusty, nu Cumbia pioneer from Corpus Christi EEUU comes with a cool Video presenting new Partners for Major Lazor.

10 – Cumbia Espacial – Panther Panther
MOVIMIENTOS London celebrate their 15 year Anniversary with a massive Compilation ‘SANTUARIO / SANCTUARY’ filled with 18 Tracks from the UK-Latinx Community.

11 – Un Paso Alante – Andrés Digital ft. Kami Kama
As this Cumbia Round up is very BsAs oriented we step forward with the man Kami Kama. Sigue la Lucha is a 9 Track Cumbia + Bass Album available on Spotify and Bandcamp
12 – Hoy (Village Cuts Remix) – Xaman X
Back to the Moviemientos Compilation ‘SANTUARIO / SANCTUARY’ with another big Tune.

13 – Caballos (Prabumi Remix) – Barrio Lindo
The 5 Track Ep Fulgor Remixes comes very chilled and is released on Shika Shika.

14 – Medusa (Lucas Lead Remix) Motin
Remixoskop is a multicoloured journey through ethnic-electronic sounds created by various artists. Release by the Pauken und Trompeten Crew from Dresden, Germany.
15 – La Calentita – Andrés Digital
Another one from the Sigue la Lucha Album. Check the Trailer and the full Album on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

16 – Saliendo al Sol – Células Ácidas
Low Frequency is 8 Track Album from Ecuador. Very Chilled and danceable at the same time and lately one of my favorite Albums.

17 – High Summit – Nomad Frequencies
Para Nuptial is a 5 Track Electro Dub Ep with a bit of Cumbia and Balkan. Cool stuff released on Hawaii Bonsai.
18 – Agua – Bomba Estereo
New Album by Bomba Estereo is announced and the first Tunes are there for listening.

19 – No Más Velorio (El Buho Remix) – Plu Con Pla
From Tumaco, in the deep pacific coast of Colombia, Plu con Pla continues to forge their own unique musical path. This Ep comes with 6 Remixes by Rodrigo Gallardo, Kensaye, Piper Street Sound, Biomigrant, Frikstailers and El Buho. Released on Galletas Calientes