Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 124

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No.124 with the newest and hottest Nü Cumbia styled Tunes and Remixes. Put on your best dancing shoes or dance barefoot. Whatever!
Cover from Iconblast, Medellin.

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1 – La Paleta – Rutster ft. Chirimoyo
From Queretaro Mx comes this Combination.

2 – Fiesta brava – Toy Selectah & Chico Sonido
Astros de Mendoza presents the first official album of remixes to Los Mirlos, mythical banda from Peru with 47 years of music in the background. This Album comes with 10 Remixes and will be released in June on Folcore.

3 – Dive Into – Winick
From Moscow comes Winick with a new 5 Track EP mashing up a lot of styles.
4 – Toda La Noche – Erick Jaimez X Mielycumbia
From BsAs to Dallas, Texas.

5 – Pedacito De Coco (ft. La Perla) – Krak in Dub
Krak In Dub’s new album Catleya is a vibrant homage to Colombia and its incredibly diverse musical culture. Entirely recorded in Bogotá with the who’s who of today’s Colombian music scene, the album casts a brand new light on the fusion of beats and Latin-American traditional rhythms and instruments, blending reggae, hip-hop, breaks and house with cumbia , afrobeat, ska, and bullerengue. Soon out on Galletas Calientes.

6 – A Pila El Arroz (Sonikgroove Edit) – Magin Diaz
“Si bien existen varias interpretaciones de esta canción, originalmente compuesta por Magín Díaz, la versión que más me gusta es la interpretada por Etelvina Maldonado, su espléndida y hermosa voz llevan la canción a otra dimensión. Para este edit quise darle al tema original un toque dub y agregué algunos elementos electrónicos para la pista de baile, respetando la esencia de la versión original” This is a 15 Track Compilation from the world electronic music scene of Barcelona and Valencia, Spain compiled by the Mamboz Crew.

7 – La Verdolaga – P18
The Best of 1998 – 2008 of the mystic franco-cubano Band P18 formed by ex Members of Mano Negra and Sierra Mastra is a massive Compilation with 17 Tracks presenting a sizzling mix of Funk, Yoruba, Salsa, Electro…Timeless!

8 – Batea – Bejuco
From San Andrés de Tumaco, Colombia comes this wonderful 12 Track Album which gets its form, the harmonies and the rhythm from Afrobeat. If Fela Kuti would have visit the small town at the pacific coast of Colombia he would have done an Album like Batea. Released on Discos Pacífico
9 – Bahía – Barzo & Pahua
Costa Rican DJ/producer Barzo and Mexican singer-songwriter Pahua aka. Pau Sotomayor combine their artistry in “Bahía”, a fusion of electronic and folk with dub sounds and tropical rhythms.

10 – Peligroso (Solo Moderna Remix) – Andrés Digital
Sigue la Guaracha is an 8 Track Remix Album. Solo Moderna from Tilburg, Holland has a unique way of breathing life into the machines he tweaks as if they were creatures from another world playing with their own little toys – an imaginary circus where friendly freaks and alien performers come together. Find here
some 80s Dancehall Style with a lot of 8bit Sounds. SoundcloudBandcampSpotify
11 – La Wacha (Maldito Final Feliz Remix) – Son del Barrio : Andrés Digital
La Wacha was the first Tune recorded for the upcoming Album Tropical Gueto which will be released later this year. From Monterrey Mexico to Lausanne Switzerland. For the Remix Album Sigue la Guaracha Maldito Final Feliz brings it from Cumbia to Salsa Choke. A bailar! SoundcloudBandcampSpotify

12 – Cumbicha – Akilin
9 Track Album by Maestro Akilin from Venezuela with a lot of Bangers incoming. Released on Dakarai Records.
13 – La danza de Los Mirlos (ft. Tropikore) – Astros de Mendoza
One more from Abducción Amazónica soon on Folcore
14 – Amazónica – Akilin
….and one more from Akilin’s Album Me ta’ llamando
15 – Huracán – Maria Jose Montijo
From Oakland, California… Huracán, the first single from MaJo’s upcoming full-length debut, Esotérica Tropical, is an electro- bomba fusion that addresses colonialism, vulture capitalism and femicide.

16 – Yopo – nopo – Semblanzas del Río Guapi
Listen the Marimba playing, from the Pacific Coast of Colombia, the legendary Semblanzas del Río Guapi with an amazing 14 Track Album released on Llorona Records
17 – Arullo Party – Bejuco
Back to the 12 Track Album Batea with more and more Marimbas.
18 – Los Pájaros – El Remolón ft. Brawlio
This is the first preview of El Remolón’s new album “Asimétrico”. Inspired by the vidala of the comparsa ““Encienda el Fuego” El Remolón, with the urban coplero Brawlio, they perform a free version of this traditional song from the province of Catamarca, Argentina. Released on Fértil Discos

19 – Huracán – Killabeatmaker
Hailing from Medellin, Colombia, Killabeatmaker is a Global Bass DJ / Producer, audio engineer, singer and songwriter; a multi-faceted artist you’ll be hearing a lot about in the near future. Drawing his inspiration from his Afro-Colombian and Indigenous roots. More Galletas Calientes.

20 – Nanko (ft. Tres) – The Busy Twist
Global electronic sound specialist – Producer and DJ Oliver Williams aka “The Busy Twist” is influenced by his regular trips to Africa, Latin America and the West-Indies, packed with undeniable British club music culture and production technique. Highly infectious energy, pure sunshine, 100% good vibes. One more time from Galletas Calientes.