Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 129

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No.129 with the news from the Trops.

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1 – Borracho de sangre – Javiro
4 Spooky Cumbias made in Granada by Javiro, released on Caballito Netlabel

2 – Sin darle motivo (Derrok Remix) – Uji y La Charo
This is a double album made up of remixes of the original vinyl released in 2019 “El Camino de Leda”. This time, artists from different latitudes remix the tracks to create new sounds in song format, to make them suitable for the dance floor in slow mode and also to listening them on any occasion.

3 – Cumbia Rebel – The Lions
A few years back drummer Blake Colie had the idea to use “Cumbia Del Leon” from Jungle Struttin’ (Ubiquity) as a rhythmic foundation for a cool Reggae-Cumbia hybrid version of Bob Marley’s classic “Soul Rebel”. This is available on 7″.
4 – Cumbia_Energy – Yelram Selectah
Greetings from Tijuana
5 – Sobre Las Flores (Barbarella Remix) – King Coya y Sofia Viola
El Camino de Leda Remixes Vol.1 and Vol.2 is a new tribute to Leda Valladares, two volumes that include 10 songs each. Available on all streaming platforms.Released by Folcore Records (Barcelona) and Fértil Discos (Buenos Aires)

6 – Entre 2 Aguas (Sonido Gonzales Remix) – Paco de Lucia
From Cali to Andalucia goes the voyage of this 5 Track Remix and Mash Up Ep released by Kumbale.
7 – Pinchado – Nectar de la Selva (Tribilin Sound Remix)
Experimental Music from BsAs released some time ago.
8 – El profesor chiflado – El Zombi Flash
Greetings from Miramar, Argentina
9 – Ay Ke Cumbión – Ali Guagua + Son Rompe Pera
Here comes the Mexico City Combination.
10 – Más Piel que Cemento – Chico Trujillo
One more out of the story “Cumbias para no Morir”

11 – Escolleras – El Zombi Flash
Here we have this future cumbia by El Zombi Flash which presents this 6-track EP for the series DANZA exploring and diversifying his vision on cumbia, hip-hop and beat making, wrapped in tropical and futuristic overtones.

12 – Lo Que Vendrá (ft. Crissbeth Cortés) – Biomigrant
“The North-American flutist, producer and DJ recovers, with his sound, the heart of the meridional America in which its woodwinds, gaitas, and african drums are the protagonists, brought to a downtempo that leads into a dance in which rhythms and songs from all over the world are welcome.” Cantos, Sueños, Sol y Sombra is a 8 Track Album.
13 – Las Hojas Tienen Mudanza (Tribilin Sound Remix) – Barda y Celeste Gomez Machado
More from the Leda Remixes
14 – Los Gramos – Deltatron (Fayucas Bootleg)
With 3 Edits comes this release by Mercado Fayuquero on Kumbale.
15 – Tito Puente – Mambo Gallego (Nat Barrera Edit)
From BsAs to Montreal to Tito Puente.
16 – Regulate the clap (Norteño Funk Remix) – Sonido Gonzalez
One more from Munich based Sonido Gonzalez Remix EP
17 – Bombona – El Zombi Flash
One more from the 6 Track Ep Future Tropical released by Pakapi Records

18 – Flamin Hot (Moshi Moshi Version) – Don Couto
Don Couto presents Flamin’ Hot a 2 track EP featuring the self-titled track, a Manga-Neo-Cumbia that takes you on a trip through the hot street of Ciudad de Mexico.
19 – Ancestral Steps – Ruido Selecto ft. Kizaba
Ancestral Steps is the new single from producer Ruido Selecto who presents a musical piece inspired by the heritage of the African drum and its influence on dance and movement in global electronic music.

20 – Acido Tamarindo – Caribombo
Unwilling to face up to their responsibilities, Caribombo and his partners in crime Chichi Banana & Zongo Abongo ran away in opposite directions and found themselves conspiring together from Europe, South America and Africa to bring you “Running Away”, a big Soca-house tune with elements of Soukouss, Champeta and Dancehall. Released on Galletas Calientes and available on 7″.