Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 130

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Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No.130.

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1 – Siempre para adelante – Bony Bonito feat Ariel Eltraidor
Straight Forward, starting this Round Up en Argentina….Check the Video
2 – Dame tu Amor (DJ elchicoquenuncasonrie Remix) Boddega
Over to Quito, Ecuador
3 – Todo es Conectividad – Dat Garcia
With a contagious and minimalist beat, the song gently immerses the listener in a dark and luminous terrain to the rhythm of synthesizers, deep voices softening the journey. The hypnotic melody opens our eyes and transports us to the charm and creative power of the collective, calling out to the ancestral beginnings of connection. The upcoming Album Las Fuerzas Almadas will be released on ZZK.

4 – Miel y Limón – G combo
This Album is from 2019 when everything was cool! As I had this Band from Lisboa in the Mix latley I realized that I have overseen this heavy 12 Track Album.
5 – Pura Pantalla – Seus Gee
Over to Monterrey, Mx. Check the Video

6 – Retumba la tumba – El viejo Marquez
Sin miedo señores y señoras.This is a 6 Track Mixtape from Argentina.
7 – Noche de Estrellas – El viejo Marquez
8 – La cumbia de Mary Sol – Papi Perez, Chirimoyo
What a combination from CDMX.

9 – Potras callejeras – Queenky Potras
“A Luta Continua” will be released on the 20th anniversary of Lucha Amada, a hyperactive dj collective from Berlin/Bonn. This Compilation comes with 46 Tunes by Artist like Fermin Muguruza, Kumbia Queers, Sidi Wacho, Raggabund, Sara Hebe, La Dame blanche, Rebeca Lane, Los 3saltos, Manu Chao, Ana Tijoux, Che Sudaka and many many more
10 Mirla – A Luta Continua Monte
Lucha Amada will donate half of the proceeds from the sale to the Zapatist@s in Chiapas, Mexico and half to JINWAR, a feminist project in the heart of Rojava in Western Kurdistan/Northern Syria.

11 Kulaya, La Hija del Volcán – Marcelo Berges
Kamatjui comes with 4 Tracks and a Remix by el Colombiano Marcelo Berges. Chilled Downbeatz released on New Latam Beats.
12 Montreal Psicodelico – El Extravagante & Tolentino ft Perono
El Extravagante, Tolentino and Perono, with a tasty groove of psychedelic cumbia dedicated to their crazy and beloved city Montréal.

13 – Dr. 4!20 (Mejor Dicho Cientifico) Stereo Revuelta – Chico Che X Cypress Hill
Stereo Revuelta from Puebla, Mx comes with 6 Remixes and Mash Ups.
14 – Soy Rebel – Kuto Quilla
Here we got Rebel Music from Hamburg City.

15 – Rimski (Hanuna Lascivio Bohemia Remix) – Los Siderals
2 Track Ep released on Kumbale spreading the andean Vibe.

16 – Candela – Fedzilla
The pulse-racing, and sometimes awkward, nature of flirtation are at the heart of “Candela”, the dancehall-inspired debut single from London-based rapper Fedzilla. Its lyrics speak of a chance encounter, with the Chilean-German MC walking through a city when a guy catches her eye. With a smile and a lighter in hand, “Candela”, becomes both synonymous for asking for a light and for the spontaneous heat of the encounter.

17 – Borracho Bailando Champeta – Kevin Florez & Captain Planet
LA Resident Captain Planet teaming up with the Colombian superstar Kevin Florez. “Borracho Bailando Champeta” is a stylistic homage to the genre Champeta, which fuses African music with indigenous Colombian sounds like Cumbia and Bullerengue and incorporates Caribbean influences like Reggae and Dancehall.

18 – Socumbia – El Dusty
The renowned dancehall musician Anthony B brings high energy, engaging performance style to fans that relate to his lyrics and songwriting, both revolutionary and entertaining. On the new song, he has joined El Dusty, considered by some to be the inventor of Cumbia Electronica, to create a slamming new song that combines elements of dancehall, cumbia with hard-hitting trap beats!

19 – Cumbia Buena (Rebajado Edit) – Sstorbo X Luis Ornelas
With 6 Rebajadas comes this EP from Leon, Mx.
20 – Señora, señor, vote al peor – Chipi Pasti
Back to Argentina, check the Video…
21 – Gran Reserva – G combo
One last Tune from Lisboa…