Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 131

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Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No.131, last Round for the second pandemic year. We wish you a Xmas Cumbianchero and a beautiful start into the new year. May the force be with us and bring back some live shows!

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1 – El Cacharrito – Abelardo Carbono y Su Tribu Champetua
This was lately released on Palenque Records when the sad message came in that Abeleardo Carbono just passed away. May the innovator of the Champeta rest in peace. At this point we also have to say DEP to Michi Sarmiento and to the Jamaican overbassplayer Robbie Shakespeare, who played Bass with his Partner in Crime Sly Dunbar on a lot of classic Jamaican Productions. This 3 man could do a hot session with Bass, Guitar and Saxophon in Heaven.

2 – Tierra Natal (feat. Eva De Marce) – Lagartijeando
Mati Zundel aka. Lagartijeando comes out with his new 12 Track Monster Album La Tercera Vision released on Wonderwheel Records. From Argentina to NYC. This one goes straight into the race for the Album of the year.

3 – Joya – Masilva
Entre Bacaneria y Barbarie is a nine-track album which explores sounds like Cumbia, Currulao, Son, Bullerengue among other traditional music through the lens of the Bogotá based musician, whose lyrics talk about Colombian turmoil, political and social turbulent scene and how people manage to somehow gravitate between barbaric and festive moods despite, or perhaps because of the situation.
4 – The Edge (Cumbia Remix) – Susobrino
Susobrino crafts his ‘soundtrack music’ -referring to the soundtrack of life itself- by executing a wide variety of instruments. This comes from Bruxelles, Belgium.

5 – Monte Abajo – Guanchaka
The Parrandance Compilations by Wakan Tanka Records combining Tracks by the Labels Artist El Hijo de la Cumbia, Ego360, Toty Stylee, Tropikhongo, Bianca Ciocca, Zona Norte and many more.
6 – Isla Del Sol – Lagartijeando
12 Tracks coming from Dolores, Argentina on the Album La Tercera Vision.
7 – Entre Bacanería y Barbarie – Masilva
Colombia is still living hard times and this got documented on Masilvas fine Album Entre Bacanería y Barbarie

8 – Volvere Mañana feat. Alexandra Charry – Taggy Matcher
Taggy Matcher returns with 8 tracks exploring his wide range of Reggae & Dub influences, each time magnified by a fine crew of vocal guests. With a great sense of authenticity, they all bring their own touch to Taggy Matcher’s compositions and covers. Always faithful to its inspirations, brilliantly produced, Push Push is your new invitation to follow the Lion to Zion.This is a fine Reggae Album, but it got this one Cumbia on it. Released on Favorite Recordings.

9 – Yéla Mama ft. Lass & Sibu Manaï – Eat My Butterfly
Climate Soundtrack is a far-ranging sonic call to action, grown from Greenpeace’s audio archive and interpreted by producers across the planet.
10 – La Cumbia De La Muerte – Lagartijeando
And as La Tercera Vision has a lot of banging Tunes on it, here comes one more.

11 – Peguelo – Beat Pambele
Péguelo is the first single from Beat Pambelé from Barcelombia, a song that oscillates between dub and drum and bass peppered with cumbia samples. The lyrics are a reconstruction of the city of Bogotá at the end of the 90s through three young people who go out in search of a joint (with all the implications that something like this had at that time and in that place). A narration of the reality of the country in those days that allows us to see how little some aspects mentioned in the song have changed.

12 – Niño K – The Peronists
Rural Beats is the new 4 Track EP by Nu-Cumbia Pioneer The Peronists that sound like a fine mix of Argentine folkore, lo-fi hip hop, downtempo, rural environments, electronic and organic electronic music. Released on Folcore.
13 – Chibi Chibi (AIWAA Remix) – Simón Mejia
This chilled Remix comes by Bomba Estero Member Simón Mejia and was made for the film “Sonic Forest”

14 – Contra Viento y Marea – Contento
Contento’s debut was laid down between 2016 and 2019, a period when the two European-based Colombians, who met at an Eddie Palmieri concert in Berlin, were able to take some serious time off from their diverse individual projects to explore a new vision for salsa. Paulo, a member of Acid Coco, Jaguar and El Dragón Criollo; and Sano, a DJ and producer known for his minimalist Latin house releases for the Cómeme label, crystallised on their debut what Paulo describes as “a new salsa sound that may also make [listeners] want to discover some of the older sounds, too.” Released on El Palmas Music
15 – Thirst No More – Captain Planet
The Climate Soundtrack explores the vital role music and culture play in the climate movement, offering inspiring visions for the music community and beyond. With the climate samples at their root, each track is inseparable from the stories of place and planet carried inside it’s structure.
16 – Cumbia Chicharra – Chikilin
Cumbia Chicharra clashes with sensuality cumbia, latin american rhythms, urban and current sounds. This band from Marseilles mixes its influences without borders. For a tasty and explosive music. El Grito is a 8 Track Album.
17 – Connection to Spirit – Ayahuma
The Climate Soundtrack comes with 41 Tracks and has a few Bangers.
18 – It’s Gonna Burn – Marwan Hawash
From Colombia to Reunion Island, France, the UK, India, Japan and everywhere in between, the sounds and project connected. With influences from around the world, the samples inspired electronic bangers, textured techno, freeform jazz, beats, and more.

19 – Kukiela – Vudufa
AfroAmbience is an 8 Track Album from Peru released on New Latam Beats

20 – Raggamuffin Wepa – Silly Tang
With 14 Tracks comes the Compilation by KumbiaNet ft. Artists like Orihuela MSS, Turbo Sonidero, El Satanico, Deltatron, Amantes del Futuro and many more.