New Albums with Supersan and Lamento

Little Dakar – Supersan

SUPERSAN is a world electronic concept, a fusion of dancefloor oriented – future beats and earthly exotic rhythms originated from Athens, Greece. In 2015 Panama Cardoon and Mister Kentro teamed up to create a genre bending project and ever since they performed in festivals and venues in Europe, Africa and Asia. Little Dakar is an ultra-danceable 8 Track Album combing the Sound from West Africa with the Tropical Bass.

GLOBALE Vol. 1 – Lamento

We stay on the dancefloor, and we stay in Africa but we go to Nigeria and Angola, with Andrea also known as Lamento. He is an Italian Dj/Producer and he loves Afro & Caribbean sounds. He created a mixtape series called Radiolamento and a party, Muevelo O mundo based in his hometown, Bassano Del Grappa, whose goal is to introduce the most peculiar and sought sounds of the Global Bass scene in Italy.