Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 126

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Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No.126 free to take away and spread the word. La Cumbia Arriba!

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1 – Pa la calle y listo – Santino Riquielme
El ultimo 10 is a modern Latin HipHop Album from Argentina. The music comes in between Trap, Reggaeton, Cumbia and more moving Styles. Check the full Album on YouTube
2 – Asi sueña – Sound Wepa G
Please welcome from Monterrey, MX Sound Wepa G
3 – Cumbia me llaman – Los Agus Aguas
From Xalapa, Mexico comes this Band Los Aguas Aguas, now 15 years on the Road.

4 – Peligroso (Diezmo remix) – Andrés Digital
Dangerous Version of Peligroso by London based Diezmo taken from the Album Sigue la Guaracha. Cumbia-Jungle madness. SoundcloudSpotifyBandcamp.

5 – Que Bailen (ft. Pol Nada) – El Remolón
“For all the times I couldn’t dance, let my past and my future dance”, sings Pol Nada, a referent of contemporary littoral psychedelia, taking the phrase of dancers, choreographers and dance pedagogues Lucas Condró and Pablo Messiez in this dark cumbia that invites to dance and disconnect as an act of reparation. From the upcoming Album Asimétrico by El Remolón soon to be released on Fértil Discos.
6 – No Azara – La Muchacha
Sesiones de la Cuadra – Colombia still sending an SOS, Protesters in the Street killed by Anti Riot Cops, Copa America canceled and sended over to Brazil and the international Press is silent. La Muchacha en Cali, Colombia with special dedication for the Community of peace San José de Apartadó.
7 – Natural Chanllengen – Hoster Hdez & Mashup Mexico
From Campeche, Mexico comes this one between Cypress Hill, Delinquent Habits and Control Machete.

8 – Sideral Cumbia – lagartijeando
Taking the traditional Cumbia vibes deeply into the outer reaches of space, “Sideral Cumbia” comes with minimalist drums, a bouncing bassline, echoes upon echos of synth, staccato guitar and even some mbira before coming back to earth momentarily for a swelling horn section. Lagartijeando is the name of producer, musician and DJ Mati Zundel. Album will be released in October on Wonderwheel Records.
9 – Cumbia Panito – El Luna
From CDMX pa calentar la pista

10 – Aunque Me Duela Perderte (RCA Rework) – Alfredo Gutierrez
New EP with 6 classic edits and reworks from the Real Cumbia Activa from CDMX

11 – Sigo Llorando – Contento
Contento like to call their sound salsapunk and there’s definitely some truth in that. This is salsa slimmed down to its snakey unrelenting groove, though the Colombian twosome can’t help but get political, showing their clear disgust for what’s happening in Colombia right now. An urgency born from the civil unrest that’s become commonplace these past few years in Latin America, and which has specifically brought Colombia to its knees in recent months. Budget cuts that chiefly affect the working class, coupled with ambivalence from those in power, has created a tsunami of distrust and a need to force change that’s only been amplified by the police aggression that protesters have come up against.

12 – El Barrio – Ruido Selecto
El Barrio recalls the classic spirit of the Medellín salsa of the 70s and 80s, corner salsa and steep streets, verbena and colors. In this song, the trumpet, the beats and a simple chorus generate a delicious and well applied formula that easily captures the listener and the dancer. This salsa-steppa is the union between the neighborhood salsa brava and the more electronic and danceable side of dub: the Steppa. Released on Folcore.
13 – Ya Vers – Boz Nueva Gaita
This is the new Sound of the Colombian Gaita from Barranquilla, Colombia.
14 – Mala Vibra fuera (Akilin Remix) – Andrés Digital ft. Quetzalcoatl
Quetzalcoatl is preaching for better vibes. From MX to Roma and back to Caracas. Akilin is a musician, music producer, DJ and writes music for films. This comes with lot of Afro-Colombian Vibes.

15 – Cumbia De La Luna (ft. Beln Natal) – JO Meets Caracas Dub
4 Tracks from Lyon, Francia coming in deep with heavy Dub and Cumbia released on Hawaii Bonsai

16 – Así (ft. Jimmy Malik) – Indepe Roots
Comper is a “you must hear this” 13 Track Album from the Barrio Independencia , Monterrey Mx filled with vibes and style!
17 – Cumbia Malandra – Indepe Roots
Ulysses, turn that shit of. Noway, we play it louder. From the Soundtrack of Ya no estoy aqui.

18 – Elementos (Dvniel Remix) – Aluna Project ft. Moonanga
The eclectic and engaging personality of Moonanga thrills the hyperbolic melodies of Aluna Project’s Latin-Oriental trio, tracing a floating space between dream and poetry in an emotional prayer to Mother Earth and her sacred cycles.

19 – Blim Blim Bong – Isidro Cuevas & Willy Cabanas
The Super Cumbia Futurista from Mexifornia with a great Album bringing together Cumbia Rebajada, the Reggae Cumbia Style and their very own roots.
20 – Cumbia Dimension – Isidro Cuevas & Willy Cabanas
The Album comes with 10 Tunes, all Bangers, no fillers. Vinyl for the Collectors released on Roma Records