Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 125

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No.125. Even when this Round Up does not come with very much Colombian music we have an eye on the actual situation in Colombia, which is critical for his residents. More on Track 17.

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1 – Bombón – Amantes Del Futuro
Éxitos en Cumbia Rebajada Vol. 1 is a 8 Track Compilation uniting some well known producers and remixers from Mx. Released by Rebajado Mx

2 – Cumbia Enamorada – Cumbiasound
Cumbiasound is the best kept secret of the internationalist cumbia scene as well as the new Tropicanibalista movement. This Swedish band led by Daniel Fridell is part of a community of artists that include Frente Cumbiero, Malphino y Sonido Gallo Negro, who are known for exploring the outmost frontiers to which cumbia can arrive without losing its analogue roots sound.
3 – Tu lo ves – Xhule-Noisebro
More from Éxitos en Cumbia Rebajada Vol. 1

4 – This World (Señor Gaviria Remix) – Andrés Digital ft. Str8 WH
Here we go from Kingston to Bogota with a heavy afrodembow by the Banana Sound Kartel Mastermind. Sigue la Guaracha is a 8 Track Album presenting the hottest Remixes around. BandcampSoundcloudSpotify

5 – Rhode Repeat – Rec-Sonidera
From Planeta Niburù, Mexico comes this single Release
6 – La Bruja – Cumbiasound
La Maquina is a 5 Track EP filled with organic Cumbia made in Sweden.

7 – Cumbia Picaflor – Martin Bruhn
Picaflor is a 11 Track Album by Argentine percussionist and composer Martin Bruhn. Filled with colour and festivity, this new release takes us on a journey to Peru’s Mantaro region and is a heartfelt homage to the Huanca music and culture. Released on ShikaShika.

8 – 8-bits Pantera Cumbiera – Da Iguana
When a reptilian frenchie nomad discovered the sound of guiros & congas shaping into cumbia rhythms, he embraced the vibe and integrated these patterns into his sound. In love with electronic music, downtempo and global bass, he decided to try and merge his affection for latin percussions and sounds from the barrios into this 4-tracks EP released on Caballito

9 – Der Räuber und Der Prinz (Barbarella Edit) – DAF
Alman Edits is a 8 Track Compilation bringing back german music from the 80s where we had a movement called Neue Deutsche Welle with lots of funny Trax. This is released by Pauken & Trompeten.

10 – La Cumbia del Cafe Martinez – El Búho
Cumbias Imaquinarias is a 4 Track EP with overchilled Cumbias by El Buho.
11 – Oso Azul – elzombiflash
With 6 Trax comes Pegado al suelo by elzombiflash. Electronic Rave Cumbia.
12 – Dormiste Rancho – Toxiqueando
Next one from Argentina. No quiere fumar, no quiere tomar Solo mi vida quiere controlar. Cumbia Callera Cabrones!
13 – 7 Vientos – Eskorzo
From Granada Spain comes Eskorzo, 25 years on stage. “We are seven companions in the band, seven friends, seven winds that forcefully push forward this common dream that is Eskorzo,” singer Tony Moreno explained. Check the Video.
14 – Los Carnavales – Martin Bruhn
Picaflor has a beautifully simple, almost Lo-Fi aesthetic, which pays tribute to and resembles the original vinyl recordings of the andean region’s huayno orchestras.
15 – Pa Abajo (Lascivio Bohemia remix) – Sexteto La Constelación De Colombia
From Quito, Ecuador released on Edmoon Records.
16 – Bienvenidos a Cumbialandia (Birth Defects Remix) – Andres Digital
DJ Birth Defects is an independent DJ/Producer in El Paso/Cd. Juarez’s border music and art scene and gives new sounds to the Cumbialandia Anthem. Build bridges, not walls! BandcampSoundcloudSpotify
17 – Resistencia – Los Pum
What I have heard, Cali was left without Internet and Telefonsignals for some days to get the “Riots” under control. This is Colombia between right Wing President Duque, Organisations Paramilitary and a corrupt Police. Dont know if you have ever seen one of this ESMAD Monsters in action. Colombias Riot Police is trained to go to war with Drugloards and Guerilla Fighters. Now they’re treating civilian protesters as battlefield enemies. Resistencia!

18 – Baile Lotus (DJ Raff Remix) – Lua Preta
Lua Preta is an Angolan/Polish duo and this EP comes with 5 Remixes. DJ Raff from Chile, skilfully slows down ‘Baile Lotus’ and in an unexpected turn of events pairs it with cumbia turning the track into a Latin-flavoured beauty. Released on Basy Tropikaine
19 – La Noche – G-Flux, Pahua, Hey Cosmo
Here we go with indie champeta mixed with baile funk and fresh Vocals by Pahua aka. Paolina Sotomayor y Hey Cosmo. This is released on Normandie Records.

20 – Sereno – QOSQI
Fungi is a mix of round shaped electronic music, dancing, travelling and lost and found sounds. Cooked with grinded spices; worldmusic, field-recordings, dubby cumbia and other South-American flavours. Andean instrument Hatun Charango gives lightness for bass frequencies. 8 Downbeatz released on Global Hybrid Records