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Q&A with EL Dusty

Posted on 06 January 2016 by Caballo

Tropical Bass talks to one of the most well known cumbia-bass heads who keeps alive the genre in North America.

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Q&A with Boogat

Posted on 21 October 2015 by Caballo

Two years after the release of El Dorado Sunset, Montreal MC, Boogat, returns with a new album. We have a great Q&A with him.

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Q&A with Bomba Estereo

Posted on 30 May 2015 by Caballo

Tropical Bass had the honor to get a Q&A with Bomba Estereo’s vocalist Li Saumet, about newest album Amanecer and thoughts about Bomba’s sonic evolution.

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Q & A with Walmer Convenience

Posted on 20 April 2013 by Caballo

Tropicalbass keeping an eye on what is going on at the bass scene and its key players, has made an interesting interview with Brice aka Walmer Convenience.

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TB Exclusive Q&A with Valentino Khan!

Posted on 16 January 2013 by Caballo

Tropicalbass goes straight to the source as the moombahton forever is getting stronger. So we talk to one of the guys who is driving the moombah force: Valentino Khan!

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Bubbleheads- Cocktails + Q&A

Posted on 14 January 2013 by Caballo

TB unveils a project from Montreal/Singapore that teams a very talented duo who had been behind the beats for a long time in a new tropical mood!

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Q&A Mad Decent’s Jeffree head honcho: Paul Devro

Posted on 20 November 2012 by Caballo

Tropicalbass invites you to join us for a very interesting interview with Paul Devro. The guy behind Mad decent label, and also Mad Decent’s jeffree.

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TropicalBass talks to: Boogat

Posted on 30 September 2012 by Caballo

TropicalBass talked to one of few MCs in the Latino Global Bass scene: Boogat! He told us a bit of his upcoming projects & collaborations with Poirier, ATCR, ZZK & Javier Estrada!

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TropicalBass talks to: Maga Bo

Posted on 27 August 2012 by Caballo

Tropicalbass spent 10 mins talking to Brazil/US producer Maga Bo! Get to know how Quilombo do Futuro was conceived, created, funded and finally received by international and brazilian media.

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TropicalBass talks to: South Africa’s Indidginus

Posted on 18 September 2011 by Caballo

This Post Dancehall amazing producer answers questions about production, his music, and perception of Dancehall!! Listen to the highlights of that album ..right here!! X -clusive!!

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