TropicalBass talks to: South Africa’s Indidginus

Michael Martin is the guy behind one of the most amazing post dancehall and global bass projects around.
His album new album Sofa Surfer caught us by surprise, and everyone is loving it!!!

We had to ask some stuff to this guy!!!
So here it is ..Exclusive for TB!!
Indidginus’ Mike Martin himself answering this short Interview

TB: Glad to have you here Indidginus!!! First of all, We have to give you big ups for this amazing album: Sofa Surfer! This is what we could call a perfect example of post dancehall! How is the album response from people in South Africa?

MM: Glad to be here (in a manner of speaking) ;) I’m glad you’re enjoying Sofa Surfer! The album response in general worldwide has been very good – people seem to be enjoying the riddims ;)

TB:Dub n Dubstep are very present as the core component, but we can feel a lot of world music vibe on each song. How difficult is to reach that equilibrium?

MM: I really enjoyed writing the tracks and collaborating with the other artists – so the album came together well and the equilibrium was reached of its own accord :)

TB: What programs did you use to do those amazing basslines?

MM: The vsti’s I used for bass on Sofa Surfer are Albino, Psylenth and (no surprises) Massive.

TB:Since internet super boom, collaborations have been easier, as producers share stems and MC’s send accapellas as well.. How was this recording proccess? Everyone went to the studio, or you had to work by yourself with whatever mcs sent you?

MM: It varied. I went to the UK last year and whilst I was there I visited Colin Angus, Nick Brennan, Dom Beken and Colin Bennun to work on tracks in varying degrees of completion. When I returned to Cape Town I connected with the other musos on the album – they mostly came around to my studio to record. The only person I worked with via the internet was EJ, and she lives in the same city! She’s very busy with her band (EJ Von Lyrik and the Champions) so it was the easiest option for her to send audio over the net. Actually, Seb Taylor also sent me some guitar parts for Algoriddim via the medium of the interweb…..

Indidginus and Tripswitch – Sunrise Over Sapporo Free Download by indidginus

TB: My personal favorites from Sofa Surfer are Mercy Me & Wobble and Buzz (the opening track & track 8), what inspired you to do those epic tunes?

MM: I heard Steve Newman play an acoustic guitar set in Cape Town at the start of the year in which he played some amazing flamenco/gypsy tunes. I went home feeling very inspired to write a Balkan/Arabian tinged dubstep track with a view to asking him to play some guitar for it. Which, happily, he did :) With Wobble and Buzz, I wanted to write a dubby dubstep track that fused four to the floor in the latter section, and lo, it came to pass….. ;)

TB: Madam Blerta (track 9) is an 8 minute song with dubstep/world music/balkan/ super heavy kick carnival inspired tune, was it made for dancefloor? Or you just added more and more elements that it had to reach 8 minutes so people could get the whole experience?

MM: It was definitely made for the dancefloor. My friend and collaborator Colin OOOD is well known on the psytrance circuit so it’s a fusion of the best of that style with flavours of world music and dubstep. Or Balkan TranceStep as we like to call it ;)

TB:Lets put now your album in the market: What is your perception of Dancehall nowadays?

MM: Musically speaking, I love the vibe of Dancehall. Fantastic beats and energetic vocal deliveries…. I’m not really immersed in the Dancehall sub-culture, so can’t make intelligent comment on that aspect of things….

TB:Has Dancehall lost its ghetto/rebel identity towards a more “booty call”/ Daggering attittude?

MM: I refer the honourable gentleman to my answer above ;) Daggering makes for interesting reading on Google though!

TB: Where, how, and what to do to get a copy of Sofa Surfer? Thank you Michael for having us.. and sharing this amazing album.

MM: The easiest place to get hold of the Sofa Surfer album at the moment is to download it on Bandcamp – As for how, I believe you can pay using PayPal or credit cards. They’ve got a comprehensive FAQ up here for those that need help
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