Bubbleheads- Cocktails + Q&A


Tropicalbass unveils a project from Montreal/Singapore that teams a very talented duo who had been behind the beats for a long time in a new tropical mood!

TB: Bubbleheads is a “new” project with some names that have been around behind for a while. If you can tell us briefly who you guys have ghost produced, either the label or name.. that may give a clue to ppl about
your real skills!

Youri Pete: Indeed I’ve worked with various label and artists as a ghost producer. I can’t mention any names because it wouldn’t be professional of me to do so. But the last time when I was a ghost producer, it was because the dude I was working with jacked the track, named it as his own then he
released it on a reputable label.

Perk: Don’t look at me, it wasn’t me.

TB: how a guy from Montreal and a guy from Singapore complement each other? How did this happen?

Perk: It’s amazing how we were able to link up despite the fact that I am from Singapore and Youri Pete is from Montreal, Canada. When I started producing I was already listening to Youri Pete’s old tracks under his old moniker, Fantohm and I liked them very much. We were then connected through the internet in 2011. I got in touch with him and realized that he was actually Fantohm (back then). Obviously after that, I told him that I want to collaborate with him on something fresh. So after spamming his mail box relentlessly(hahaha), he finally gave in and collaborated with me. After a couple of months, we decided go ahead and form the duo BubbleHeads because we’ve got a cool project going on. Besides that, it was also a refreshing experience to be able to work together, especially with someone of his caliber.

Thank you internet, you are indeed my best friend.

TB: this is a well known approach to Tropical Bass, it is something planned or more an spontaneous approach of exploration.

Perk & Youri Pete: Yes, it was totally deliberate, we love everything from moombah, kuduro, baile funk to dem bows riddims, plus we both have that electro synth backround in our past productions so we just did what we felt was good. We wanted to exploit some wild club grooves by bringing refreshing exotic flavors to it and this is just how we love our music! Bringing back that ‘’easy life’’ feel was important too, just like how we all have that one night spent with a bunch of friends club hopping and having real genuine fun.

TB: one of you is a 6 times DJ battle champ, do you think scratch is still relevant in EDM?

Perk: Interesting question. There are different views on this one, some people think they don’t work well together, while some prefer that hands on vibe during live dj sets. For me, I think it is still relevant and will always be like how it have always been. I always do abit of scratching in my live sets because it’s what I do. Once I tried keeping my hands away and not scratch, but it didn’t work out. I’m done with battling already though, I’ve only battled for 2 years, which was when I was 15 to 16. Had crazy fun but I’m moving in another direction now.

TB:tell us bout this ep!!

Perk& Youri Pete: This is our opening card, nothing too crazy and done with as much balance as possible. These are our foundations and we will build on them. People don’t always get to hear a great variety of synth sounds so we wanted to change that. We think this EP is typically setting the pace for us to show how different we can be and a quick glimpse of how our sound and style will be, which is some fun pitch jumps, tropical like percussions and a steady rhythm.

Big up to our remixers Adam Bozzetto, Ahllex, Zee Reach, Andy Jam& Voodoo Rebel though. They were of top quality and we are really really proud to have them in this project.

This year is going to be special because we have a couple of other EPs coming up and a compilation project that features artists from around the world. We spent the whole of last year preparing for all these, and now it’s time to have some fun with them.