Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 113

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No113 still in heavy times without any dancing and moving.

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1 – La Cumbia de los Viajeros (Fabrikante remix orgánico) – Lascivio Bohemia
Bohemios is a 12 Track Album filled with Remixes by Streamer, Tribillin Sound, Andrés Digital, Sonido Landero, DLMJ and many more.

2 – Big Things ft. Longfingah (revisited) – Maxiroots
A journey from Glasgow, UK back in time to the deep Amazon forest. This is a 5 Track Ep inspired by psychedelic cumbias from the amazon in the mid-70s. This EP is not for profit and 100% will go to food bank and shelters dealing with the 2020 covid19 outbreak
3 – El Currulao Me Llama (Mixwell Edit)
From Montreal, Canada comes this nice Edit by Mixwell

4 – Sharango – Caribombo
Caribombo creates a powerful and diverse sound universe where cumbia, dembow, afro-beat and afro-house effortlessly fit together. Adopting typical tight beats, basses and synths from the “Global Bass” electronic scene, Caribombo cleverly and respectfully revisits folkloric traditions from both continents with a highly-skilled production technique. Camaleón is a 12 Track Album wich is taking us to a musical journey from Africa to Patagonia, through the UK and Mauritius. Released on Galletas Calientes.
5 – Hundida – Nina Chispa ft Sumo Hair
Next one goes from NYC to LA
6 – La Cumbia de los Viajeros (Andrés Digital Remix) – Lascivio Bohemia
Back to the Bohemios Album. How different can sound a Remix of the same Tune.

7 – La 3 – Satánico Dr Trvza
Kumbias Para el Fin del Mundo is a Compilation of the Slowest and deepest Cumbias ft. Arrabalero, El Cifickzer, Turbo Sonidero and many more
8 – Wisdom (Extended Cumbia Dub) – Guaro International Meets Prince Far I
Always nice Joints from Guaro International inna Reggae Cumbia Style.

9 – Favorite Cup (Barbarella Edit) – Don Carlos
From Dresden, Germany comes the Pauken und Trompeten Crew with a 5 track EP filled with Reggae Cumbia Edits.

10 – Deseos (Rafael Aragon Rmx) – Panama Cardoon & Audry Funk
Panama Cardoon was Born unexpected in Athens, Greece, in a night with full moon, under a strange sign. Hasta la Wiggle is a 4 Track Remix Ep.

11 – Lluvia (Bigote edit) – Mon Rivera
Kumbia Edits & Remixes is a 26 Track Compilation of Caballitos Bigote presenting his work for the last ten years. Lots of this Edits was sounding here earlier in the Round Up.
12 – Guaro International Cumbia Tribute To Marcus Garvey – I Roy
Next one from The Guaro International
13 – Papi – Mandale Mecha
From Madrid, Spain comes the brasileño-argentino Band Mandale Mecha mixing Reggaetón, Cumbia Villera, new rave, rock, jazz and latintrónica.
14 – Pal Cuerpo – Dembow Youth
And here we have a Dembow from CDMX. Duro!
15 – Respira – Santi & Tuğçe
This song tells the story of the wind, the breath of the universe. The wind is elusive and full of mysteries. No one knows where she comes from, where she is going or what she brings. In these volatile times that we live, we dedicate this song to trees whose breath nourishes our world.

16 – Hanan Pacha (Panther Panther! Remix)
Chasqui Musujg Remixes is a 4 track EP by Sistema Beat Andino released on New Latam Beats

17 – Mahadhi 3000 (TROPIKORE Remix) – QECHUABOi
This Ep comes with Tune and 4 Remixes by Tropikore, Black Mandingo, Dash Slktr, Tribilin Sound released on Folcore.
18 – Mi Tumbaito (Sonikgroove Edit)
Back to Barcelombia and the magic of Sonikgrooves Edits.

19 – Amuletos ft.Pablo Paz – Federico Estevez
De aquí hasta aquí is Fede’s first full-length release. On it he shares his complex, poly-rhythmic universe through nine tracks uniting his own South American origins, with African rhythms and featuring collaborations with Rodrigo Gallardo, Pablo Paz, Wen, Manu Quintans, Klik & Frik and Chancha vía Circuito.
You may know Fede as the drummer and percussionist for Chancha Vía Circuito´s live band. This is released on Shika Shika.

20 – Coffin Dance (Astronomia Remix) – EGO.360
The Coffin Dance by EGO.360, very actual in times of Cornona comes as Remix Pack. Released on Wakan Tanka. Check the Video for the full vibe!