Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 114

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No114. Starting this Round Up with a shout out to Ulises and the Terkos Crew even when we have no Rebajadas in this Round Up. Im no longer here aka. Ya no estoy aqui is a Film by Fernando Frías de la Parra and won some prices on film Festivals. The film stars Juan Daniel Garcia Treviño and Angelina Chen in the lead roles. This could be a real story out of Monterrey some years ago. Also you got a look deep inside this Scene were the 7″ were played slowed down. Check the Trailer and take a look on Netflix if you can.

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1 – Djemufoli – Don Plok
Folcore Records has a lot of previews this month. Let’s see the future. We’re starting with the 9 Track Album from Don Plok from BsAs connecting the Andes with its african Roots, Cumbia and Downbeatz.

2 – Danza del viento (Juan Correa remix) – Zoonido
Zoonido is a project located between Houston and Durango. The Sol y Lluvia Remixes EP comes with 4 Remixes by Da Iguana, Ion Din Anina, Juan Correa and Killmanjarto. this one is released on Caballito

3 – Underground Warrior – Black Mandingo
New Wave Hookers is a 10 Track Album by Black Mandingo and the next one on Folcore Records. Black Mandingo is a producer from the south of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and one of the greatest exponents of the suburban underground scene of Rio de la Plata. He belongs to the first wave of remixed electronic cumbias and mashups characterized by its hard and powerful style. Loaded with influences from funk, electro and noise, walking through synthwave, darkwave and industrial.
4 – Cumbietiope (Jack Essek re-work) – Frente Cumbiero
Frente Cumbiero is fresh, contemporary and has an exciting take on cumbia. The quartet is headed by Colombian songwriter and producer Mario Galeano, who also is part of Ondatrópica and Los Pirañas. He draws his inspiration ánd his samples that form the base of his contemporary tracks, from his large collection of cumbia records, mainly from the 60s and 70s. Jack Essek is a musician and producer from the electronic wave from Bordeaux, France.

5 – Cumbia Party – 6Blocc
Riddimwise comes Ragga Cumbia Vol. 8 from LA…back to the 80s with the Answer Riddim and Tiger, Supercat, Buju and many more.

6 – Cumbia Del Desierto – La Jungla.
This one is available on 7″ and Digital. The identity of La Jungla is still not clear, but their intentions are: this is music that pairs urban and pastoral, el futuro and el presente, yet refuses to compromise in its dance floor pleads. It’s the first song in which we have the opportunity to listen to La Jungla’s Caribbean cadences and ancestral invocations. Released on El Palmas Music

7 – Cumbia del monte Fuji – Minyo Crusaders + Frente Cumbiero
Tokyo-based ten-piece and wild Japanese folk-song fusionists, Minyo Crusaders join forces with Colombian cumbia radicals Frente Cumbiero on Minyo Cumbiero, a collaborative release that fuses ancient Japanese folk songs with heavyweight Colombian styles. Taken from the forthcoming 4 track EP by Minyo Crusaders + Frente Cumbiero “Minyo Cumbiero: from Tokyo to Bogota” soon to be released on Mais Um Disco

8 – La cumbianchera (Cumbia Original) – Syztema (Edgar Padilla)
5 track EP by Systema from Ecatepec De Morelos, Mexico. Find Electrocumbia with strong tribalistic Roots and a lot of groove. This is set on Free Download

9 – Seis Ocho – Doble Redoble
Global Riddims Vol.1 is a 12 Track Compilation and is the first release on the brandnew NYP Records in Belgium. It takes you on a virtual trip from Mauritius and Ghana to Mexico and Venezuela.

10 – Shasta – The Peronist
The Peronists is a DJ & Producer from Tucumán. He has already walked a long way in the electropical scene and also mixing electronic music along with folkloric and native instrumentation. This 4 Track EP will be releasing soon on Folcore Records.

11 – Cumbia Rockers Version – Guaro International
The Reggae Cumbia Style of the fantastic Guaro International. This is part of an 8 track EP set for free Download.

12 – Cumbia De Mi Niña – Moonanga
Tasty Bass 6 is a compilation about all kind of latin electronic beats with artists around the world. This comes with 11 Tracks by Andrés Digital, Panther Panther, Hnry, Guacamayo, Pa Kongal, Fake Moustache, Nurry Dog and more. SpotifySoundcloud

13 – Consagración – Nirso
6 Tracks between Downbeatz and Electronica you’ll find on the EP Nirsopia released on New Latam Beats. Rodrigo Fonseca aka. Nirso is a producer, DJ and musician from São Paulo, Brasil.
14 – En La Tarde – Panther Panther
One More from Tasty Bass 6 SpotifySoundcloud

15 – Plátano Macho ft. Boogat – Doble Redoble
Doble Redoble is the live electronic music project by Borchi and Asaph, two musicians from the global bass and jazz scenes from Mexico City that make club music for instrumental hip hop lovers. Nzumbi ia a 11 Track album as a tribute to a cosmopolitan array of global music clashing against alternative electronic sounds, focusing on turning club ready grooves into full songs that can go straight to the heart of the listener. As guests Taiwan MC, Boogat, Baja Frequencia and more…

16 – Puya Del Empresario – Meridian Brothers
Cumbia siglo XX will be a 10 Track Album by Bogotas Meridian Brothers getting Actuality and Past together.
17 – Volksball – Nirso
One more from the Nirsopia
18 – Sola – Ghetto Kumbe
Another Preview of the upcoming Release by Ghetto Kumbe on ZZK. Ghetto Kumbé bring political content to an Afro-futurist mixture of sounds that spread between Latin America, Africa, and Europe. The track’s hard-hitting yet light-hearted beat is highlighted by an ominous toll, signaling a call to the people to defend their rights and land.

19 – Me la Pille – Kinky Electric Noise X Caballo
The Hidden Raves of Champetesburg comes with 6 Tracks and is a continuing part of the electro-champeta movement Latino Resiste began a decade ago, this time expanding Champeta’s DNA towards newer subgenres which could include Aleteo, House, bits of moombahton and acoustic champeta.
20 – Mueve Mueve – Caballo
More from Champetesburg.

21 – La Ciudad de Color – Maldito Final Feliz
Fabian aka. Puta Final Feliz has changed the name of his project on public demand and comes out with a 4 Track EP ft. Hector Guerra. This is released on Hawai Bonsai.