Dust Them Out – Loyal Bass feat. Cedric Congo Myton

Cedrik Myton is a legendary Reggae Singer known for his work with The Congos. You will remember the Fisherman, this Band is part of the Foundation of Roots Reggae, started to work with Lee Perry and many more in the 1960s. Lately the man was on Tour with the Inna di Yard Crew with Ken Boothe, Horace Andy and more.

This Tune comes from the 6 Track Album Music is the Refugee produced by the Barcelona based Loyal Bass Crew, also running the BCN Dub Club. It comes with 3 Classic Reggae Tunes in combination with Cedric and 3 Dubs and is available on Bandcamp and Vinyl. SpotifyApple

Soon we will publish 2 Remixes inna Reggae Cumbia Style by Andrés Digital. Watch Out!

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