Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 107

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No107, the great encyclopedia de la nueva Cumbia. Grab your free flight to the carribean and dance barefoot on the beach.

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1 – No Me Olvides – Conjunto Palmera
Starting this Round Up with a Tune from the 11 Track Compilation Dia de Muertos Vol.2 released by Rebajado MX ft. Panther Panther, Sistema Beat Andino, Satanico Dr. Trvza and more
2 – Sabor de la Cumbia – Philthy Dronez
And again we have a cool Number by San Jose based Philthy Dronez. This one is also available on 7″ released by Discos Mas

3 – El Tormento De Ah Mun – La Maldicion de Monkey Island
La Maldición de Monkey Island comes with a 4 Track EP La Danza de Chaac filled with chilled Beats released on Hawai Bonsai.

4 – Midnight In Tijuana – Fokus
Cumbia, Dub and Jungle you will find on the free 6 Track Ep Walks of Life from Fokus from Serbia
5 – C.R.E.A.M. (Yelram Selectah Cumbia Remix) – Wu-Tang Clan
HipHop and Cumbia always works fine. Are you ready for some Mash Ups? Starting in Tijuana…

6 – Bullerengue Cumbia – Dj Neber
…over to San Luis Potosi. DJ Neber has a fine 19 Track Album Bofo Wey out, combining Latin Hip Hop and Cumbia. Check it!
7 – Gota Fria – DJ Caution
This one will make you dance in Madrid and everywhere. Dj Caution in the Mix.
8 – La Noche es Nuestra – Re Fantasma
Meanwhile there is a Fiesta in BsAs, Argentina.

9 – Dream of the bell flower – Loco Beach
Locobeach is cumbia pop; latin disco with a psychedelic/spaghetti western edge. The 10 Track Album Psychedelic Disco Cumbia comes with 10 Tracks played by the NYC Band.

10 – La Cumbia Del Chinche (Akilin Remix) – Candeleros
Infusing punk energy into their remarkable interpretation of traditional folk music from Colombia and Venezuela, Candeleros embark on a journey through the vibrant and immensely rich musical culture of the Caribbean, fusing merengue, champeta, salsa, and son, with bullerengue and cumbia; constantly reinventing themselves. The Ep comes with 8 Remixes by Dj Caution, The Silly Tang, Coconuttah and more, released on Galletas Calientes
11 – Oye tu lamento – La Delio Valdez ft. Frente Cumbiero
Back to BsAs
12 – Pinche Cumbion Bien Loco – Erick Jaimez
Next we go to Dallas
13 – Que Me Ves Ramirez Rmx – Sonido Goony Chicago
…and Chicago.
14 – Quema – Sotomayor
There is a new Album announced on Wonderwheel by CDMX based Sotomayor. Listen first Rumors…
15 – Woh Hah en Do Menor – Captain Cumbia
Meanwhile Captain Cumbia getting wild in Paris ft. Busta Rhymes

16 – El Cumbion – El Guampero
2 Track Ep with Tune and Dub. Vibes!
17 – Mujeres Costeñas – Señor Gaviria EDIT
Cool edit by Señor Gaviria of the classic Tune from Los Corraleros de Majagual. El Ritmo de la Costa!
18 – A Gira (Tribute Edit Trio Ternura) – El Peche
More Classics, over to Brazil
19 – Tanokumbia Ft. El Dusty & Black Bear – A Tribe Called Red
“This song is a reminder that there are no borders for the Indigenous peoples. Canada, the US, central and South America are filled with distinct nations sharing more than 10,000 years of common history. Being in the Halluci Nation has been about searching the earth for like-minded individuals to join in unity,” explained the duo. “From Corpus Christi, TX, El Dusty has been one person in particular we have always felt walked a similar path as us. With Black Bear holding down the vocals and T.O.N.T.O giving us a massive bassline, Tanokumbia was intended for the dance floor. We dedicate this to our people who suffer because of colonial borders. In hopes that the condor will meet the eagle to the sounds of Cumbia PowWow.”

20 – Todos tenemos hogar – Los Pirañas
Historia Natural is a swirling, electric universe of music, created right in their own neighbourhood in Bogota. That’s the real Historia Natural of Los Pirañas. 10 Tracks with the typical Sound.