New EPs by Sonido Berzerk, Klik & Frik and O.M.A.A.R.

Here we go with 3 beautiful creative EPs mashing up the Styles.

Sonido Berzerk – Oshun

Gaspar Yanga was the first liberator of slaves in the Highlands near Vera Cruz in 1609. He achieved an agreement with the colonial government for self-rule of the maroon settlement. It was later called San Lorenzo de los Negros, and also San Lorenzo de Cerralvo.
This EP is a tribute to the mexican nacional hero. 5 temas with Roots in Gabon, his deportation and his arrival to Mexico, his fight for liberation, and the founding of the first free town of America.

Klik & Frik – Refugio

During their journey as Frikstailers, Rafa and Lisandro found they were maturing in their ideas, sounds and productions. They needed a musical outlet that enabled them to showcase more subtle and textured sounds for the dancefloor that weren’t just upbeat bangers. They wanted to go deeper. They explored indigenous sounds and started to blend them with deeper electronic production. The resulting hypnotic, ritualistic and meditative blends were debuted at Mutek Mexico under their new moniker Klik & Frik.

O.M.A.A.R – Prince Rorro

Prince Rorro is a 5 Track EP by O.M.A.A.R from Mexico. The member of the NAAFI Family comes with a very rhythmic EP presenting his vision of UK Funky. Explosive! This is release on More Time from London, also home for our man Bryte and the Jus Now Crew.