Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 108

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No108, welcome in 2020, this is gonna get wild!

Lil lookback from Andrés Digital. I had a lot of fun in 2019 working with the Banana Sound Cartel and some Top Notch Remixers (Nixtamal, Dead Stare, Sonido Berzerk, Yukicito, Panther Panther) and releasing Crema Remixed. Also big times touring with Son del Barrio and making Music and Videos. And there was a bunch of AD Releases Guaracha Tropical, Bienvenidos a Cumbialandia, Mata los Diabolos + some single Releases. Also 2 Mixtapes – Guaracha Tropical Mixtape (Kumbale) and the Mixtape Colombiano (Caballito). So this gonna be hard to top this year :-)

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1 – Danza del viento – Zoonido
Sol y LLuvia is a relaxed 4 Track EP filled with Latin Downbeats mixed between Houston and Durango.

2 – Paso a Huella (Captain Planet Remix) – Novalima
Novalima returns to Wonderwheel with a megapack of remixes from their last album “Ch’usay” – the remixes range from psych dubby South American (Lagartijeando), to bouncing mid-tempo grooves (Captain Planet) to full on Latin House floor fillers (Randomized Coffee, Emmaculate, Digital Afrika) and much more.
3 – La Cumbia Malentita – Los Rubos
Here starts the New Age of the Cumbia Poblana.
4 – Landero Way Version – Tropikhongo
New Playlist by Wakan Tanka Records on YouTube presenting the Remixes and Mashups by Tropikhongo

5 Track Electrocumbia EP with Guiro and Dembow from somewhere in MX.
6 – La Cumbia de los Pajaritos (Bial Hclap Remix) – Los Mirlos
From San Martin Peru to Guadalajara, Mexico. Classic Tune by Los Mirlos.

7 – Cordoba ’95 – Simone
The Compilation New Latam Beats from Argentina comes with 13 electronic Tracks and Artits like Punto Rojo, Ramiro Jota, Wenceslada.
8 – Al Pueblo – Pernett
Meanwhile check the strong lyrics from Maestro Pernett talking bout the actual Situation in Colombia.

9 – Piña Colada – Tropikhongo
Sabro Sound is a 4 Track Ep released on Wakan Tanka combining Cumbia with Electrónica, Dancehall, Moombah and Dembow.
10 – Kill Tory Scum Remix (Silly Tang Remix) – Killdren
Meanwhile the british odyssey goes into the next round…Free Download
11 – Guarachita Noche – Puta Final Feliz
Hasta Abajo, some new Stuff from Switzerlands Puta Final Feliz. Free Download.
12 – No Woman No Cry (Streamer’s Cumbia Remix) – Bob Marley
Back to the classics with Streamer. Everything gonna be alright!

13 – Memoria (El Buho Remix) – DJ Raff
Meshing afro-latin percussion with hypnotic beats, punchy bass and sampling vocals of the indigenous Mapuche people of Chile. 3 Remixes by Dengue Dengue Dengue, Kaleema and El Buho released on Big in Japan.

14 – En La Selva – Kalumet
8 Track Album Transatlantic Locomotive filled with 21st century psychedelic cumbia, global bass and more. From Africa to America, through Malta with love. Big Album Released on Hawaii Bonsai.

15 – Mosaico (Cumbe x Negro) – Don Juan Pachanga
This comes from the large Compilation Graveton 5 by Granadas Caballito Netlabel with 26 Tracks by Artists like Amantes del Futuro, Baja Frequencia, Bigote, RCA, Turbo Sonidero and many more.
16 – Oye, Que Tal – El Keamo
El Keamo is a neo-cumbia project influenced by various styles of music such as cumbia sonidera, tribal, house and acid. The result is a blend of familiar rhythms and digital textures that make you wanna shake dat booty. Nice 4 Track EP!

17 – Prince Rorro – O.M.A.A.R
5 Track EP from NAAFI Member Omaar combining Uk Funky, Cumbia and Tribal released on More Time London. Hot!
18 – California Dream (Ricardo Camacho Remix)
More Tribalistic Styles from CDMX
19 – La gata de la agricola tribal edit 2020 – Stripper Latina
Here you get 69 Bootlegs with lots of Dembow and Reggaeton compiled by Chico Sonido
20 – Truth Hurts (Yukicito Remix) – Lizzo
Some new quality stuff from LAs Yukicito
21 – Asi se baila la Cumbia – Carrillo Stereo
…and finally some new Vibes from Queretaro.