Andres Oddone- Aura (EP)

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Andres Oddone is one of the most hardworking music researchers from Latin America, but he also is one of the best Argentinian producers of eclectic electronica.

On this first EP on Shika Shika label, Andrés asks his musical partners (Chancha Vía Circuito, klik & Frik, Borchi and Relo) for a series of unique remixes of the track Aura taken from the album.

We can enjoy the EP for free download or pay what you can via bandcamp

The music from the “Aura” project was created with materials recorded on two of Andrés’ trips to India, mainly to the provinces of Karnataka and Kerala. It is an album of sound images, but it is also a sample of the concepts that were born by his own perceptions of those places.

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