Aurelio- Landini


Amazing new album from Honduran Garifuna master Aurelio. A real world music jewel.

I have no words to describe how happy and amazed I am to see Garifunan artists being released.
This is perhaps the most unknown black community of the whole American continent.
But their impact and musical richness has vast history through the whole Caribbean and Central American black culture.

Aurelio is one of their greatest exponents and his latest- Lanidini is proof of it

You can also see part of the recording process and have a sense of the beauty of the release in Nando

And more about Landini:
“The songs on Lándini are about Aurelio, his feelings, his family, and Garifuna life in general. There’s a sadness, a melancholy throughout, but the rhythms remain really lively. It affects the body, the brain, and the soul in a way that is very unique to Garifuna music. It always has a purpose, whether it’s dancing or documenting a tragedy or just poking fun at someone; there is never a notion of “I’m going to make a song because I need to make a record” – such a concept does not even exist in Garifuna culture.”

Get the album right here > REAL WORLD RECORDS

As a bonus, here’s Aurelio and his mother LIVE!!

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  1. Thank you for posting the music of my tribe even though it’s not really Bass music. Much appreciated.

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