TB talks to SYMBIZ about Agent Lexie EP


Tropical Bass has the great honor of premiering one of the hottest releases of 2014, without any doubt.
Agent Lexie & Symbiz produced new EP, in where we can find this amazing singer proving why she is one force to reckon in the dancehall/bass scene.

The German duo made a sick instrumental which was masterfully taken to the next level by Lexie.

The whole EP consist of 4 Ghetto Bass bangers that are being released by German label Soulfource.

With that being said we wanted to take advantage and talk to Symbiz about this particular comeback with Agent Lexie.

TB Hello Symbiz. It is always nice to have you around.

Symbiz: The pleasure is ours, Caballo!

TB: It is been a while since Yeeruh remixes got out (what has been happening on your end?)

Symbiz: Besides touring around we have been working on new music.
At the moment we are finishing the new Symbiz-Album as well as some interesting side projects.

TB: That particular release got a collab with Bukezt Finez who was also with you guys on “the Molly Grit EP”, what is your particular opinion about “German Bass Scene” compared to rest of the world?

Symbiz: Bukez Finezt has been a friend of ours for some time and like us, he is from Germany but he is touring the world. Shout out to Bufi! Over here in Germany, like in many other places, things seemed to have moved away from the very hard sound of the recent years to give space to more versatile approaches. We really appreciate that. In general the music world, at least in western oriented countries, is very much globalized. Bot in a bad way, though. Of course there are regional differences in the scene, for example France and somehow the southern parts of Europe tend to be more Dub oriented whereas eastern European places seem to go more for the harder sound. But when it comes to music lovers from a certain scene, it’s likely they will know the same tracks in most places. — And of course Bass Music is always kind of the underdog since Techno/House is the big thing, especially here in Berlin.

TB:Talking about this new release with Agent Lexie, how the collab happened?

Symbiz: We knew her work before but it was Fizzle of SoulForce Records who introduced Lexie to us in person. We invited her to play at our annual concert we organize here in Berlin. Later she asked us to remix a tune of hers and before we knew, a whole new Ep was finished. It all came together very naturally.

TB:Caribbean is perhaps one of the hottest tracks right now around, is this a riddim you had before or you crafted for this specific collab?

Symbiz: We made the riddim for that particular track. The idea was to take the minimalism and energy of late 90s dancehall music and translate it into something more current-sounding.

The video is great, what’s the story behind?

Symbiz: Thank you :) Once we had the plan to release the EP we all met in Michael Breyer’s (our favorite Photographer) studio here in Berlin to shoot some promo pics. Since was free for the day we just took the opportunity to spontaneously shoot the clip as well. We then edited everything on a notebook while being on tour, we love modern technology for that!

TB:Now, you guys have always been into videos, but it seems you guys do not cover that front as much as your first releases, any reason?

Symbiz: It is very time-consuming to plan and realize clips such as “Who Cares” and “The Downfall”. You need to find the place to shoot, gather the equipment and get the whole team together. And since the people we realize our videos with are such brilliant minds, they are of course always very busy. Just like us, producing and touring. We decided to take advantage of the fact we are going around so much and turned all the footage we filmed on tour during the last years into the new video for “YEERUH!”. — But there is already another big scale video project waiting for postproduction.

TB:Where we can find this new EP?

Symbiz: It was released on SoulForce Records and is available digitally on iTunes and all other digital outlets. It is also available on the SoulForce Records Soundcloud for FREE DOWNLOAD, so you can decide if you want to pay for our work or not.
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Are you guys going back to the symbiz Tuesdays anytime soon?

Symbiz: We have been talking about going back to just releasing tunes on Soundcloud like we did back then. We stopped that when we started to work with labels. It s a good way to get fast feedback and keep ourselves motivated so there most likely will be a “free tune” series in the near future.