Andrés Digital inna Reggae Cumbia Style Vol II EP

Andres Digital Reggae Cumbia It was 2011 when Vol. I “Inna Reggae Cumbia Style” was released and I couldnt imagine how succesfull this will be. It had sooooo much downloads (I think EVERYBODY who is listening to Cumbia worldwide must have this EP) you can’t imagine. The NoNoNo (I’ve got your man) Remix was the biggest hit on this EP with Big Tune after Big Tune. I got so much feedback for that from DJs and Fans everywhere. Great !! So this was my second EP and here comes my fifth EP 2 years later, also spreading the Reggae-Cumbia Vibe, not so “classic” as the first one, but all are instant hits. This time we are leaving the Island and the Sound is a lil bit more british. So we have Pupajim and the Hightone Crew from France in a very British Stepper Sound, the classic Uptown Girls Althea and Donna with Dembow, a classic Andrés Digital Mashup bringing together Artists like Amy Winehouse, Ian Curtis from Joy Division and Shaggy and Rayvon. Nonono, it wasn’t me !! Later we have Ken Boothe and the London Girl Miss Dynamite and one of Fashion Records great backcatalog Sweetie Irie, with his hymne for the Slim Body Girls (a Cappuccino please !!) and finally NYs Cutty Ranks wich I made for a Remix Contest some days ago. And as you know that Cumbia is not about contests, Cumbia is about Unity, this is a freeload. So take it, love it, spread it, feel good and dance !!

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PS: Next live Dates 05.10. Schlachthof Krefeld – Global Players Party together with DAFERWA and 18.10. Le Dame del Canton, Paris together with CAPTAIN CUMBIA !! Meet and Greet !!
PPS: Next EP in the making – going back to Colombian side of Cumbia – later on KONN Records.

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