When you have Julio Cortazar in the opening song, you know the album’s bar is set really high. Tremor guys do not disappoint in their new amazing new album PROA.

Taking the new folklore to a different level, in where analog meets digital, but still preserves most of the organic richness that has made tremor one of the best ‘world music’ acts in the world.

Proa, serves as well, as a perfect example of how the new generations of musicians are connecting their own roots without losing a contemporary vibe.

Tremor at its best!!

Proa also prominently features the Sachaguitarra, an exotic stringed instrument created by Argentinean musician Elipido Herrera in 1971 – Herrera created this one especially for Tremor and is the only one of its kind in the world. Pioneering the way for folklore of the future, it’s no surprise that the title Proa literally means “the place where the bow of the boat cuts through the water”.