TB reviews some Ipad Apps you may enjoy!

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Few Months ago we did a Review of some IPOD APPS for people with low budget but really creative!!

Now, we would like to do few for Ipad, with the same philosophy.. to encourage people to create music, and not trying to “sell you” something.. as we already know there are plenty of Apps around.. but here are some we enjoy.. first on is MetaDj
It lets you blend some of your iTunes music tracks with drum machine beats, fx, synthesized instrument parts, mix effects like delays, stutters, filters and more! Plus each track allows 4 presets for fast Cue/Loop access.

I personally use all the presets to create music instead of using a song>>

All from an easy-to-use touch interface!

Second comes from loopmasters’ DJ Studio
which is awesome to be for FREE and once you upgrade it for less than 5 bucks.. it starts to be more fun!!
This is REALLY AWESOME if you are into house/techno beats

One that I have been waiting to try is Ninja Jamm, which is coming out soon…

Of course, there are plenty of Apps around, and we havent had enough time to try/review/purchase all of them!

But we encourage people to try these ones!

We are always in the constant exploration, so in case you have one you want me to try.. > caballomothafu@yahoo.com

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