Colombia – Get deep into it!

Discover the Music and the Culture of Colombia. So many of you are deep into Cumbia, many of you using Colombian “Things” in your Remixes but what do you really know about Colombia ? So here is your Chance to get a deeper background.

Sounds and ColoursColombia - Sounds and Colors is a magazine about South American music and culture. Through regular articles, news, reviews and audiovisual features they focus on the diverse cultures of the South American continent with music, film and the arts. Now they have a brandnew book out, talking about Colombia and it’s music on 200 pages and a Music Compilation.

So what do you get on 200 pages? You get tons of Informations in form of very well written articles, Interviews and Photos. You also get informations about Pablo Escobar to William S. Burroughs to Gabriel Garcia-Marquez to Joe Arroyo, Pernett, Ondatropica, Hugo Candelario and many more.

On the CD you will find 16 Songs by Pernett, Son Palenque, Lido Pimenta, Thornato, Los Pirañas, Paíto y los Gaiteros de Punta Brava and many more. Check it here (This is also the fastest way to get it. If you “only” want a digital copy you could buy it via the Bandcamp Page for just 5 British Pounds – MP3s and PDF!)

So again – What’s in the Book – You could have a good read from Andrés Landero to Manu Chao in the Music section,Colombia - Sounds and Colors book 2 you could informe yourself bout the Roots of Colombian Film, there is a “Politics, Human Rights and Social Issues Section” and you get informations bout Art and Books. So…..if you wanted to know something bout Colombia – start here!

And it’s really easy to get it – purchase it easily on the Bandcamp Page – if you want it printed click this link. Be sure this book is worth every penny.