“Diablos Del Ritmo” – The colombian Melting Pot 1960 – 1985

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Afrobeat, puya, cumbiamba, terapia, mapale, and caribbean funk, made by the originators and brought by Analog Africa.

I truly am convinced that this is the perfect compilation for those who want to know who the key players in the cumbia and tropical scene were.

From Fuentes all stars, to very rare tracks from Grupo Abharca
Schallcarri – Grupo Abharca by Analog Africa

To the impressive Landero Puya
Busca la Careta – Andrés Landero by Analog Africa

The compilation shows an impressive display of the musical diaspora that Colombia was producing!
Calixto Ochoa, a founder member of Corraleros del Majagual, appears in this compilation with his side project Los Papaupas!
Lumbalú – Calixto Ochoa y Los Papaupas by Analog Africa

Cuban Music obviously had a great impact in the North Coast of Colombia, mainly because there was a very vivid exchange in terms of music those days, everyone was in love with son montuno, and Sexteto Manaure, being mainly “campesinos” felt guajiro music as their own!!

Bajo El Trupillo Guajiro – Sexteto Manaure by Analog Africa

One track in the compilation that I’d love to talk about is Abelardo Carbono’s quiero mi gente
Abelardo Carbono – Quiero a mi Gente by DJ Gozar

Carbono alongside Noel Petro, were the guys who created the terapia criolla sound, which later developed in the original champeta soukous, very known via Palenque Records..
Now this stream doesnt belong to the compilation, but still it is a magnificent track!
Abelardo Carbono – Quiero a mi Gente by DJ Gozar

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  1. olvidaste la fecha en que sale el disco, es noviembre 12, va a estar buenisimo, gracias por las buenas nuevas y la buena musica.

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