Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 26

Hello and Welcome – This is Andrés Digital original Cumbia Round Up Round 26.
I was a lil bit confused by this article in Rolling Stone Latin Edition. Dont get me wrong, the article is ok, but…
…in Europe is the Eurocumbia Blog ??
Where is Generation Bass, Canalh or Tropical Bass…doing hard work for years … Where are all the crews Folcore, Caballito, Mama Cumbia, Movimientos, Copia Doble., Sounds and Colors…running hot Clubnights…Lables like Chusma and Cabeza spreading the word … (and shure I’ve missed lots of Activists !!)
So listen – Cumbia is Global Now !!

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Los Reyes De La MilangaCumbia No 1 – Neon hitch – Drop it like its hot (Los reyes de la milanga Cumbia Remix)
Ramiro Aquilles comes from Córdoba Argentina and does remixes and mashups under the name “Los Reyes de la Milanga”. Meanwhile other people discussing, if it would be better if Snoop Dog dont change into Snoop Lion the upcoming Pop Star Neon Hitch makes a Coverversion of “Drop it like its hot”. And here is the Remix !!


Cumbia No 2 – Suelta La Voz ft. Pepita (Original Mix) – Copia Doble Systema
Copia Doble Systema started in Copenhagen, Denmark 2009, heavily taken by the digital cumbia that fused electronic music and local beats of South America. The founding crew was consisting of Norwegian DJ and musician, Copyflex, copia dobleDanish Jungle Producer Jens Fokking and the Venezuelan ballet dancer/musician Pepita. Now Copia Doble Systema consist also of samba percussionist Thykier, and producer and digital drummer Julius Sylvest. “Suelta la Voz” is a Song from the brandnew third EP released via Urban World Records. Catch the release. It contains 2 Tunes and some remixes by Maffi, Joelito, Javier Estrada and Thornato.


Cumbia No 3 – Fanfarri Cumbia Nerudiana – La Tirana Caravana
La Tirana Caravan comes from Santiago de Chile and lives in Freiburg Germany and here comes a Cumbia Balkanika Banger.
Tirana Caravana
Cumbia No 4 – Ritmo Salvaje – Panama Cardoon
The story of Carnibal Records – Born unexpected, in a night with full moon, under a strange sign. 
A dancing Creole mother and a Sakalava father with big ears gave life to a funny pair of twins, between some palmtrees and a gramophone… The parents called the girl Kick and the boy Snare. 
Their first word was: ”beat”. And their first wonder: “Mama what is head-nodding?”
So Palov & Panama Cardoon from Athens (Greece) running Carnibal and this is a beautifull Remix of Cumbia Classic Ritmo Salvaje.


Cumbia No 5 – Orquesta Marimba Gallito – Ritmo y Palmeras (Burundanga remix)
Check out DJ JackPosada from Melbourne (Australia) for danceable club music or check out “boor-oon-DAN-ga” for more raw and tribal-ish beats, inspired on all sorts of ethnic celebrations. So this is another Classic Cumbia Cut well remixed.

Okay, Round 26 done – back to my Mixing Desk with some Smoke and Tea with Rum. Its getting cold here in Germany, even if the sun shines. Remember this beautifull Book bout Colombia – Check and if you want a Cumbia Shirt try this or this.
Cumbia Activistas United !! Peace and out – Andrés Digital

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  1. you’re right Andres !! they always forgot us ! Thanks for the mention and for reminding who are the hard workers. Yet the Eurocumbia “blog” is run by latinos in london which are very active in the UK… ;)

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