Kuduro’s Ikonoklasta needs HELP! Please share!

Tropicalbass needs the help of people who love music and positive resistance, and the help we are asking is just to share the story of a political/musical activist in Angola, Kuduro’s mc Ikonoklasta who is actively involved in the student movement which is fighting to restore democracy locally.

Batida – Cuka feat.Ikonoklasta (English Subtitled) from Fazuma on Vimeo.

Luaty aka Ikonoklasta spoke out against the government during one of his shows, he urged the crowd to attend an anti-government rally, and ever since he s been beaten up, arrested, his house was broken into, his girlfriend kidnapped, his whole family terrorized with anonymous death threats etc.

It was THAT BAD that HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH even posted about it ! (LINK)
On June 11 he flew into Lisboa to join the Portuguese Kuduro group Batida for their European tour. He was arrested at the airport, the Angolan secret service planted in excess of 1kg of cocaine in his luggage. It’s highly improbable that he will serve any time, as it was even clear to the Portuguese customs officers that it was a set up, but he s yet to stand trial.

This is the video revealing details (portuguese):I

Get a free tune of him and La Vai Maria

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