Ethiopian Trap

For some of us, who are in constant work, or looking for new forms of fusion, this trap new revival had some good possibilities, although at the same time, fewer musical options, as it is rhythmically richer than harmonically.

I had a song in where I wanted to blend trap and moombah, but I wasn’t sure if the combination would work, until Dillon Francis dropped his song Masta Blasta, in where he claimed it to be trap ah ton, so I knew the song I had made belonged to that branch!!
Caballo & TMFK- Ethiopian Trap by caballo
the song was made using tribal chants from the Ethiopian bodi tribe, whose values seem to be the opposite of what people think as they celebrate a yearly contest of weight-gaining in which the winner is the heaviest of all. Takes place first or second week of June each year in villages within the surroundings of Hana Bodi. Location is roughly 130-145kms from Jinka, South Ethiopia.

In case you haven’t gotten Dillon Francis amazing track…
Trap ah ton
Dillon Francis – Masta Blasta (THE REBIRTH) by DILLONFRANCIS

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