Some Moombah you MUST HEAR!

Believe it or not… it is been more than a Year since I dropped a CERTIFIED BANGER ® post !!! yep.. the one and original..

And many of you might have no idea how this works.. but it is quite simple…
Read. play, download (if u like it).
This edition I want to drop something that has been creating some buzz, mainly because there is a new FB forum n Hype called trap.. which has left some space for OG moombahton to breathe, and to lurkers like myself to actually see a bit more in this dense cloud of overflow moombah releases.

First of all, I’d like to cast some light on few kids who (in my opinion) are killing it.. and I hope we can see more and more about them.. and I will try to add those cats to our usual suspect list!!!
So to begin one of the OG tunes I’d like to point has been included in Generationbass’/Cy Kosis latest Zambo EP..
and I will need to be absolutely clear to some people who believe I have a beef with GB.. not at all..
The guys usually (if not always) drop some of the best stuff around.. so this one was not a surprise to be THAT Good!

the tune is set for FREE.. and for people who are still lost in How the F*ck should moombahton sound like…
it is a particular style.. it doesnt sound bass..nor nu jump.. nor dembow.. cool synths pitch.. not too high (dutch), not too dark ( core) .. good tune indeed.
04 Green Lodge (Original Mix) by Cy Kosis

Now, if you are more of a Purist that needs the dembow and latin flavor…
Freaky Phillip drops the one that is a MUST HAVE!!
Freaky Philip – Mi Futuro (Moombahcore Mix) by FrEaKy PhiLiP

Third fella is a guy THAT IF YOU HAVENT HEARD BOUT HIM.. i dunno where you have been, but not in soundcloud i’m sure..
Kilbourne is preparing something sooo wicked.. that you’ll be surprised once it drops!!
This NJ dude expanded the thon to a tropicalbass/bubbling/american vibe that is yummy!!!

$1 Bin – Chewy (Kilbourne Remix) by Kilbourne

Some of you guys love Mixtapes… ESSBEEDEE newest track is absolute killer, but being a Certified one.. the rule is to get FREE stuff… so his latest MIXTAPE is a Killah!!!

David Heartbreak started with Moombahsoul.. and King Kong plus a bunch of blokes have been adding more and more to the subgenre…
My pick for the moombahsoul is a Jazz,funk, soul, and banger jewel from Isaac Hayes by Brooklyn’s sairandom
Isaac Hayes – The Look Of Love (SaiRandom Remix) by SaiRandom

The Next LEVEL one.. is brought by the one and only N0ms..
and in fact.. trap
DSKOTEK- MEGAMAN (Noms “Robot Master” Remix) Exclusive for by N0ms

the “signature” for Moombah is obviously a great edit/remix, and the most “famous” from all the guys on this post is actually very known for dropping OG stuff.. but this edit is simply mindblowing
Mendez reworks Damian Marley.. and it is a BANGER!! FREE as well!!

DAMIAN MARLEY – SET UP SHOP( Mendez Moombashment Rework) by Mendez (ElCucoRecordings)

8bit, bubbling and Moombah!! By el Nomada!!
Bubbrubbahton by El Nomada

Final tune… is the overall OG BANGER!! the only wrong bout this one is that ain’t set for FREE… cuz it is a mix between Munchi.. Dillon.. Neki.. and his own sound..
D-V3KZ!!! asesinando de nuevo!!!
Esto es pa ti!!
D-V3KZ – Dulo (Original Mix) by D-V3KZ

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