Quilombo do Futuro + Bonde do Role – Brazil is Back!

Yes, finally the wait is over, The new Brazilian wave is back, with full force, and once again, fresh, energetic and totally updated!
It has been a long process since “favelas..” in where brazilian music reached a global level, and mainstream and underground acts were highlighted!

It also serve as the perfect scapegoat for “colonialism & Imperialism in music” in endless blogs, forums, magazines etc..

It has been a great process for everyone, producers, labels, and public, and no matter what side you choose, we all have been winners by having new, and better music from this South American paradise added to our own sets/libraries/discography/loops etc etc!!

Many great releases going on.. and as usual, very hard to post all of them at once, so we will drop some of the newest and dopest upcoming or recently released, including one that guys from Mad Decent have been quietly behind, or the massive Bootie Rio ones, or one that I am very excited as we have supported since the kickstarter!!!

Before going further to Bonde do Role’s new release, we need to talk about one that pretty much engages everything we want to highlight about this new brazilian wave.

Quilombo do Futuro is Maga Bo’s new album.. and this album blends perfectly brazilian folklore and bass music..

but the album not only focuses in “folklore”.. it also has this funk carioca (aka Baile funk) new vibe
with some great featuring such as Iconic B-Negao or Funkeiro

Now, for many of you B-Negao might be totally unknown, (we have to make a parenthesis) to contextualize and link you with some old stuff these brazilians were dropping way before everyone were bailefunk “connosieurs”

.. I am one of the persons who always say, the best way of seen an act is LIVE… so to link our Next guest.. Bondo do role …here it is.. Bnegao and Bonde!!!

Fast Forward to 2012!!! Bonde do Role is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!
Kilo will be available on Today as well…. May 22nd!!! and these brazilian are doing it everything right!!!
This song is simply tight!!

But don’t think all the brazilian upcoming stuff sounds like this!!
Mc Gi and Super Gummi are killing it!!!
MC GI ft El Super Gummi – Sou Blasé (Alyens RMX) by MC GI

Kuenta I Tambu drops this MEGA BOMB!! FREE!!

And Finally if you are more a “purist” of course there are some great things going on.. FREE!! some “real” brazilian.. pure sounds
Samba de Roda
Samba de Roda by Etnicity

and this
Samba Reggae by Etnicity