Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 16

Time is running faster than me in my fastest running shoes. Only 2 weeks left till Christmas. Do you got all the presents for your loved ones, por lo menos you have an idea ?? I have everyting prepared, so I could lay back and make some nice cookies with my friends and celebratin some hot  music from all around the globe. Keep your mind open !!

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tropical bass

Cumbia No 1 – Naco fabuloso (Rebajada dub) – Big Los ft Chino – Randy Salazar jr. Remix
Randy Salazar jr. is a tipical guy who was born in La Joya Texas and rised in Monterrey. He love everything about cumbia and the sacro images of holy santos (He called it sacrodelia) around the colored world where he live and he is especialista for Cumbias Rebajadas.
Cumbia No 2 – ELO & FOKN Bois – FOKN Future (Frikstailers remix)
The music of the Frikstailers is pure dance energy. Both smart and shockingly fun, it is a project manned by the multi-rhythmic and sampling madmen Rafa Caivano (aka Ralf aka DJ Rafa Caivano) and Lisandro Sona (aka Sandro Lee, aka DJ Sandro de America).
This duo strives to make music without geographic or genre limitations. In their multilayered compositions they blend elements and icons from the collective pop unconsciousness, who are then dismembered into mutant sounds, which all morph into something totally different and new. All this mutating and splicing achieve a whole other aesthetic that is completely different than the original track.

frikstailers SoundcloudFacebook

Cumbia No 3 – Alto Peru – San La Muerte (KEN Remix)

When I first was in contact with Alto Peru, I thought they come from Peru, but they come from Buenos Aires, Argentina and gettin remixed by Kinky Electric Noise. The Miami, Fl based Colombian/American combines the musical and cultural influences of Latin America (Cumbia, Porro, Vallenato, Chicha, Champeta) and the Caribbean (Dub, Reggae, Dancehall) with the heavy bass sound of the early Hiphop, Electro, Breakbeat and House.

AltoPeru – SoundcloudFacebook
K.E.N. – SoundcloudFacebook


Cumbia No 4 – Orchestra Baobab – Ndeleng Ndeleng (Noia Cumbia-frican Remix)

Noia bringing the Cumbia back to Africa by remixing Senegals Orchestra Baobab.

dj orion garcia
Cumbia No 5 – a-dickk-ed – Sissy Nobby (Orion Remix)
Danger it’s gettin hot when Peligrosa Mastermind Orion takes over the control. He has been crafting musical chemistry in Austin, Tx for the last eight years. With a foundation in Salsa, hiphop and electronica, Orion’s reportoire has expanded to include the toughest dancehall riddims, Cumbia y Merengue, mash-ups, bhangra, baile funk, dubstep, jazz, minimal techno, bassline and most things in between
Cumiamberos !! Planeta Unido !! I wish all the best for christmas and for the new year !! Peace !! And don’t forget – every second Sunday of the Month is Cumbia Sunday on !!

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