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Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 3030

Posted on 17 February 2013 by Andrés

With Tunes and Remixes by Laurie Anderson vs. Damo Naimad, Ale.Cassis vs. Cawallero de la Cumbia, Coya Boyz, Deltatron and Lisandro Meza vs. Orion

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Subklub drops HARDHORSE

Posted on 10 May 2012 by Caballo

New Bubbling, Moombah-tuki-cumbia and heavy bass oriented LP from CABALLO, via SUBKLUB. Also take a peek in more free albums from the label

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Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 16

Posted on 11 December 2011 by Andrés

This time with Remixes by Randy Salazar jr., Frikstailers, Kinky Electric Noise, DJ Orion and NOIA,

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El Hijo de La Diabla- Baika

Posted on 09 August 2011 by Caballo

EL HIJO DE LA DIABLA aka Ivan Rodriguez from Koñorteño, the most exciting band from Tijuana, who also a close pal from Los Macuanos is releasing his highly anticipated BAIKA EP for FREE via COCOBASS

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[12/11] Zombies For Money @ ND, Austin TX

Posted on 01 December 2010 by AnnaLove

Zombies For Money, December 11. Austin Texas

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Subguey Vol.3 (Orión & Pagame Boombahchero Edits) + Fuck H&M 2.1 (Orion Boombahchero Edit)

Posted on 01 October 2010 by Jelka

More Boombahchero for your listening pleasure.

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