Volfoniq- Ernest (Free Album)

France- based label, Libre Comme L’air, (which also is called the best free label from the whole planet) beacuse the amazing diversity of artists they release PLUS the amazing sound library for producers they give away for Free.

One of the hottest releases we were expecting this whole 2011 was, french dub master, Volfoniq, After 7 years he finally releases a whole ALBUM!!!!
with that been said, for many of you, his name could be totally unknown, Volfoniq is a very quiet and ecclectic producer who is well respected by the people in the underground dub scene, who has shared stage with rusko, jahcoozi or brain Damage..

Check out his work!!
Balkan Banghra (Volfoniq – Ernest LP) by Volfoniq
you can get the whole album for FREE
or buy the Deluxe version HERE

Worth waiting 7 years!!!!!!!!!!
Autobahn Garten (Volfoniq feat. Tribuman – Ernest LP) by Volfoniq

Dub excellence!!!!! this track called two step a dub!
Two Step A Dub (Volfoniq meet HotDrop – Ernest LP) by Volfoniq

This is really dope!!
Taiwan Massala (Volfoniq meet KouChouChing & Jambassa – Ernest LP) by Volfoniq

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