Deeder Zaman- The pride of the underdog!

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MC Master D, as he was then known, was the youthful, brash voice from one of the biggest act in where electronic-ragga-rock-punk and southasian sounds converged, ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION .

I could say some words but i’d like to quote this:

“His departure left a void in the group which has taken on various forms since then; while other talented, young vocalists jumped in on the proceedings, ADF without Deeder Zaman would be like Radiohead if they lost Thom Yorke – brilliant musicians in their own right but never quite the same“

– Sreekant from etnotechno.

Fast Forwarding to 2011.… his upcoming album “PRIDE OF THE UNDERDOG”.
He is BACK!!!

This one is produced by my mate, Alguacil, head of Dub Killer!!

At some point in my life I took advantage of Deeder’s kindness and did a lil interview to know more about this release..

Caballo: We could see the way you evolved into a great activist every time you were on stage with ADF so What did you do after your departure from Asian Dub foundation?:


After I left ADF I worked at the following places:

The National Civil Rights Movement (NCRM) and Campaign Against Racism & Fascism (CARF) and the Miscarriages Of Justice Organisation (MOJO). I worked on cases, did a lot of campaigning, visited people, families, went to court and also visited people in prisons.

I also worked with the Children with AIDS Charity (CWAC) where I taught music technology and did some 1 to 1 mentoring.

Caballo: I listened to the songs and i was surprised with it!! really mature sound!! and the lyrics..pure fire!! Tell Us about it.:


The new single is really a song from the album. It’s a kinda re-lick of the song Two Rocks from the Minority Large album but blows you up a little more… and we’re not talking about suicide bombers..
“Us & Us” is about what’s happening in the world when it comes to Israel and the West, about Classic repression, cowardliness and most of all, about the strain of the Palestinian community.

The song focuses on hypocriticalness (of the sufferer) and of having’ Free-press; after being brain-washed by local government.

Israel is the undisputed violator of International Law, the same law that captures and brings to justice the generals who are responsible for the Jewish holocaust. We all really need to get with whats going on between Israel and Palestine and realize that things really need to kinda start moving to the next step so we can all get there.
The new album is called Pride of the Underdog and is to be released on On U Sound.

These are also some of the collaborators:

Adrian Sherwood, Production, Dub and Fire
Skip McDonald, Guitarist and vocalist of Little Axe and Tackhead
Rebel MC aka Congo Natty – The Original Junglist, Vocalist and Production
The Crispy Horns Section (Zion Train)
Dr Das, former Bass player of the Asian Dub Foundation
Pandit G, DJ of the Asian Dub Foundation
Ghetto Priest, Reggae vocalist from the On U Sound stables
Valarie Skeete, Vocalist of Akabu
Dennis Rootical, Bass player of UK Dub sound system Iration Steppas
Alok Verma, Tabla and percussion player
Simon Haenggi, Keyboard player of Scrucialists
Louis Beckett, Dub producer, the son of famous horns player Harry Beckett
and Elaine Cheng, a wikkid Dub vocalist