Ebow – Oriental Dollar

Ebow is often named “Munich’s M.I.A”, but I definitely wouldn’t call her just a carbon copy of Miss Arulpragasam. She grew up in Munich as daughter of Turkish immigrants, flows over “oriental” beats and often picks up the issue of her immigrant background (“Migrationshintergrund” as it is called in bureaucratic German) in a tongue-in-cheek-attitude.

The excellent video for “Oriental Dollar” is made Musclebeaver, who you might already know by the great “How Your money works” animation (if not, check it out!).

Ebow – Oriental Dollar from MUSCLEBEAVER on Vimeo.

Check also out this visuals for “Kebab”, also done by Musclebeaver. For those who don’t understand German: Kebab (Döner) is a turkish fast food, supposed to be invented in it’s popular to-go-form (meat, salad and sauce in a bread) in Germany by turkish immigrants. It’s popularity is comparable to that of Mexican Tacos in the US.

Ebow Kebab Visuals from MUSCLEBEAVER on Vimeo.