The Binary Cumbia Orchestra – Sonido Golazo

Hottest Cumbia release of 2011 so far !!
TBCO is a brand new project.. from my mate Silvestre Herrera, living in Buenos Aires, the mega-metropolis on the Rio de la Plata, he admits that he found cumbia to be rather boring until its electronic rebirth. Fortunately he changed his perspective, because the debut album „Golazo“ is connecting the flair of the cumbia villera and good produced minimalistic elements of electronic music. The significant stile with its dirty distorsions and amazingly deep droning, fast-flowing bass combinet with the dynamic pressure of urban beats and fresh tropicalism. On the released album you can find also some remix versions of the well known soundfreaks „Schlachthofbronx“ from Munich, „The Peronists“ from Argentina & and the belgradian Crew Shazalakazoo. The 7“ Vinyl EP is coming out with the heavy Club Remix of „Schlachthofbronx“ and the Cumbia track „Bo D’ Gh“
The Binary Cumbia Orchestra – Golazo by Chusma Records

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