Relic – The Green Light. Free Album

Canadian producer/rapper Relic is one of the most versatile vocalists in the North American scene, he has dropped massive flows over Nit Grit’s tune or a Sonido del Principe’s Cumbia, although his real “forte” is the conscious hip hop!
His style is a very jazz oriented with great beats, funk, soul and tons of great lyrics
Check the Video!!

Download the Album for FREE
Listen to some of the songs
Time Machine Remix

and His BandCamp!!

Check him out doing dubstep!!
Babylon Feat Relic+Caballo by caballo
and some mad cumbia!!
SDP- Cartagena (Caballo &TMF Radio remix) by caballo

3 thoughts on “Relic – The Green Light. Free Album”

  1. hey relic how are you doing? i just noticed that you have my logo up and i would like it if you could take it off of your products please., thanks get back at m Malone Brown 360

    1. one thing I know about REL is that he aint no biter, if yur logo look similar its a fluke, ontop a that the picture that he took of HIS HAND is not his logo, it’s album artwork

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