Exclusive Tropical Bass!! Gux Swadharma

Gux Swadharma is perhaps the coolest Original (not a dj) Cumbia producers from Colombia right now..
His style put him rapidly alonside pernett, mario galeano (Frente Cumbiambero) or even next to great bands like La Republica, or Puerto Candelaria!!

Mainly because he is showing some respect for Cumbia’s fathers even tho he does neo cumbia..
He re does this Lucho Bermudez tune!!
Check this electro porro!!

He’s a great friend of mine who has been featured in pretty much every single “respectable” cumbia blog..
and NOW is giving us in Exclusive
Wepaje Fish!! FREE!!

Gux Swadharma- WEPAJE FISH by therebelrecords

This is the whole EP

and there also he drops some sick vocals for the mega cumbia project
Sancocho e’ tigres.. (in where you’ll find pretty much some of the best cumbia producers around).. and gux and I do a combo for Lujo de Pobre

Sancocho e’ Tigres- Lujo de Pobre feat Caballo n Gux by therebelrecords

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