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Richard the 3rd- Kwaito hop

Posted on 22 March 2012 by Caballo

eing a central agent in South Africa’s electronic music scene, Richard the Third is a regular DJ at the country’s biggest left-of-centre music clubs. This guy is dropping some of the coolest kwaito tunes around

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Posted on 14 December 2011 by Caballo

With Nombolo One, Spoek pays tribute to the great musical tradition of his country, and covers well known South African classics from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s.

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Sampology feat. Spoek Mathambo & Gnucci Banana – Piggy Bank

Posted on 16 March 2011 by Jelka

First single for Sampology’s upcoming EP on Top Billin, featuring Spoek and Gnucci.

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Spoek Mathambo / H.I.V.I.P – Hot Garbage Mix

Posted on 18 September 2010 by Jelka

Latest H.I.V.I.P “Hot Garbage Mix” – makes a feverish soundtrack for the last days of summer.

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Tim Turbo – Hush (Iggy Iggy) / Linyora EP & Video

Posted on 15 September 2010 by Jelka

Tim Turbo’s debut EP is about to be released, his first video already dropped – time for a little feature.

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Spoek Mathambo – War on Words

Posted on 31 August 2010 by Jelka

Another visually overwhelming video by one of my favorite artists at the moment: Spoek Mathambo, whose album just dropped yesterday, with “War on Words”. The tune is a quite dark and disturbing Dubstep track talking about lovesickness. The video imagines “the story of a heartbroken widow performing pagan ceremonies to bring her dead husbands back […]

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TropicalBass talks to: Spoek Mathambo

Posted on 03 August 2010 by Jelka

TropicalBass talks to Spoek Mathambo – this time even with a VIDEO for all the non-readers out there.

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Posted on 29 March 2010 by Jelka

Today is Spoek-Day: Here is the latest drop in his series of H.I.V.I.P mixes

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Spoek Mathambo & Mshini Wam – Gwababa (Don’t be scared)

Posted on 29 March 2010 by Jelka

Brandnew video from Spoek Mathambo & Mshini Wam

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