Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 133

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No.133.

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1 – Kumbia con dembow – El Cifickzer
We are starting in San Luis Potosi, Mx.

2 – Tuya Tuyita – Kiko Villamizar
Kiko Villamizar was born in Miami to Colombian parents and was taken to Colombia as a child and raised on a coffee farm where he learned Colombian folk music through oral tradition with his family. He studied jazz in Miami, then began traveling, collecting melodies and rhythms that make for a genuine world class fusion of Colombian rhythms.

3 – El Bravo ft. El tiburón Tropical – Candeleros
From Madrid, Spain new Sounds from the Candeleros

4 – Espiritu Eterno (Killmanjarto Edit)
World Edits Vol II by Mamboz comes with 13 Tunes from the spanish underground scene.

5 – Hojas de Meli – Gatokosmiko
From Quillota, Chile comes a Compilation Brotes with lots of heavy tunes very well selected by Sello Vela.

6 – Criminal ft. Mambe Rodriguez – The Spy From Cairo
Animamundi is a reconfirmation that Moreno Visini aka. The Spy from Cairo overcomes all obstacles & delivers a diverse progression of his iconic Arabadub sound. The Album comes with 12 Tracks combinig a lot of sounds and will be released soon on Wonderwheel Records.
7 – Birimbawow – Izadöra
Mexican-based artist Izadorä returns with a mesmerizing new single titled Birimbawow. A fusion between folktronica, nu cumbia and tropical bass.
8 – Soy Campesino (Ion Din Anina Edit)
More from Mamboz World Edit Vol.II bringing together Dj & Producers from Barcelona to Galicia, Madrid to Seville, ​​Valencia and the Canary Islands.

9 – Teletrabajar – Jaritooo
“During the Corona pandemic I was asked if I could produce some Cumbia music. At the end this question results in an album of Cumbias. Electronic Cumbias made with a vision of a Dutch guy. To keep up the spirit during these difficult times I decided to write funny lyrics.” The remarkable Album comes with 7 Tunes and 4 Remixes and is released on New Latam Beats.

10 – Soñando – Acid Coco
Find alot of links to the colombian tradition on the Album Camino al Mar: the gaita flute typical of rural cumbia, the effervescent guitar licks that are such a big part of the coast’s Afro-diasporic sounds, the teeth-rattling bass indicative of communities brought up on pic sound systems since the 70s, the unmistakable sound of the marimba wooden xylophone (each note like a rain drop on the jungle canopy)…and then there are the lyrics

11 – Cumbia de Aix – HappySound
“My travels in Latin America inspired me so much” Boris from Aix-en-Provence, France. And his Album Tropical Break comes with 13 Tunes and is highly flammable.
12 – Cumbia Colores – HappySound
Check out the full Album on Soundcloud

13 – La Luisar – Candeleros
Buku o Muerte will come later this month.
14 – Tumba chill – Rimau
Brotes comes with 10 Tunes in different colors. Released by Sello Vela

15 – Dios Maya – Danniel Dhnl
With 4 Tracks comes the EP Mexico Prehispanico

16 – El Mirador – Calexico
From Tucson, Arizona comes Calexico with a first Tune of their new Album El Mirador to be released soon. For the better part of two decades, nine studio albums, and countless trips around the globe, Joey Burns and John Convertino have embraced a multitude of diverse styles and well cultivated signature sounds.
17 – Aquella Noche – Un dos Tres y… Fuera
The most amazing restoration of Venezuelan music from the era of economic flourishing and cultural modernization of the 20th century returns with the Color de Trópico 3 compilation, and it does so in the form of its first single “Aquella Noche” by the group Un dos tres y… Fuera…soon on El Palmas Music

18 – La Roma – Satanico
4 Track EP with deep electronic cutz with a lot of Dub, Reggae and spirit from Berlin released by N0Futur3.
19 – Lelolai – Kiko Villamizar
When Kiko sings a ballad, you will cry. When he throws down a cumbia, you will
shake, and when he jokes, you will pee your pants. One way or another , you will
process and transmute your feeling. Todo el mundo comes with 13 psychedelic Tracks.
20 – Más Claro que el agua – Acid Coco
The Album Camino al Mar comes with 13 Tracks and is released on El Palmas Music. Also available on Vinyl.