Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 120

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No.120. This is the first round for 2021 and we celebrating 10 years on air! Also 2021 will be the year when culture, music, dance and performing arts will be reborn (I hope so)…or maybe we will get Zombies or the Aliens will come. Vamos a ver. In this 10 years we have seen a lot of things come and go…we have seen the end of myspace and the rise of Soundcloud, we seen the Streamingportals grow. We’ve seen a lot of Artist come and go and we heard really great Cumbias for all that time. So after 10 years the Cumbia Round Up is converting into the encyclopedia de la Nueva Cumbia and the Community is growing. We had a lot of fun on the way and made great friends around the planet. A big shout out to all the people invited me to their stages, Soundsystems and sofas. We shared big times! Gracias a la Cumbia!

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1 – Sonidub – Candeleros
Lately a lot of befriended Instances in the net turned 10, so the Cassette Blog and label from CDMX.
The Guys celebrating this with a massive 59 Track Compilation with lots of different Independent Styles. Candeleros is a plurinacional group of six people that come from Colombia and Venezuela. They have their operational center in Madrid, from where they try to expand a multicoloured psychedelic sound to dance. You can Download that for free or you can Donate something over the Bandcamp.

2 – Sigue la Lucha – Andrés Digital
To celebrate this jubilee we got a brandnew 9 Track Album by Andrés Digital combining Cumbia, Dancehall, 90s Rave Synthesizer, 808 Basslines and more. The Title Track starts in the Fight Club and is celebrating the high flying Action! Find the Album on Bandcamp or Spotify.

3 – En Mi Barrio (Mixwell Remix) – El Gato Negro
The Ouvre la Porte Remix Album by Paris based El Gato Negro comes with 13 Remixes and is released by Cosmovision Records.
4 – El Coroneao – Cehache Respira
Meanwhile in Buenos Aires
5 – This World – Andrés Digital ft. Str8 WH
This one comes in the classic Reggae-Cumbia Style with the wonderful flow of Str8 WH straight from Kingston, Jamaica. Find the Album Sigue la Lucha on Bandcamp or Soundcloud.

6 – Nueva guardia – Barzo
Nueva Guardia is a Suin Criollo (Creole Swing) that combines brass instruments, pounding bass, psychedelic synthesizers and a rhythmic percussion lead by the pulsating sound of the guacharaca.
This comes from Cassette Blog 10mo aniversario Compilation. Barzo is a Costa Rican DJ and producer.

7 – Fantasía Olmeca – Amantes del Futuro
3 Track Ep by Mexico City based Amantes del Futuro released on Hawaii Bonsaï Records. Super Cumbia Futurista Style!

8 – Buenos Días Señor Sol – Células Ácidas
New Latam Beats from Ecuador is a 16 Track Compilation presenting the electronic Music Scene. Find Tunes from Lascivio Bohemia, Ataw Allpa, Santi D. and many more.
9 – A Espetacular Charanga do Franáa (DJ Tide Rmx) – Raggaxixe
Over to Sao Paulo, Brazil with another cool Tune from the Cassette Compilation.
10 – La Vida Tombola (Nat Barrera Edit) – Manu Chao
Remembering D10go Maradonna. This year would be a good year to make a end of the year list of the most missed ones. RIP Tony Allen, George Floyd, Ennio Morricone, Chadwick Bosemann, Kobe Byrant and many more
11 – El Tiburón – Don Couto
Maybe we will have Sharks dancing to Baile Funk in Mexico City this Summer. This comes from the upcoming Album Elcano.
12 – Mas Paz – Cumbiasound
A long time we haven’t heard anything from Swedens Daniel Fridell and his Band Cumbiasound. Here comes Cumbia celebrating the rhythm of Palenque in the 70’s with a influence by the Beastie Boys. Album will come soon!
13 – Meneito (Instrumental) – G-Flux
More Super Cumbia Futurista Sounds on the Cassette Compilation by Maestro G-Flux
14 – Teardrop (Scooby Dub Cumbia Rmx) – Massive Attack
Scooby Dub from Berlin with a cool Massive Attack Remix also on the Cassette Compilation.

15 – Touch The Sky (Panther Panther Remix) – Real Cumbia Activa
Fake Moustache and Albert DJ from CDMX are Real Cumbia Activa. And this is an Ep with Remixes from The Silly Tang, Satánico Dr. Trvza, HNRY, Panther Panther, Pa Kongal and Maldito Final Feliz. This is released on the Caballito Netlabel, also 10 years old.
16 – Palmas – Maldito Final Feliz & El Modisto
When we speak about Maldito Final Feliz from Switzerland and about the marvelous Cassette compilation….
17 – B 2 – Royal Highness
…and one more from the Cassette Compilation
18 – T’aimes pas ça (Yemanjo remix) – El Gato Negro
…and one more from Gato Negro’s Ouvre la Porte Remix Album
19 – Me Como La Olla – Arnold Travieso
The Artist formerly known as Malo Malone with new freedom and inspiration.

Last advice for this Round and the Netflix Massive: I hope you all seen Ya no estoy aqui aka. I’m no longer here….also Selena the Series is cool, hope there will be a 2. Season even when we know how this will end. Also take a look at Rompan todo: La historia del rock en América Latina even when there are missing some details.