New Albums With The Selvaticos and Ly da Buddah

Here we go straight for the Junglist Massive!

The Selvaticos – Futile Future
Here comes one Future, back in time, stepping forward, combining the jungle with the Latino. Released on one of our favorite Labels Latino Resiste.

The Project The Selvaticos started by Chong X and Caballo is for the fans of old school jungle as well as those who like Futuristic Drum & Bass can be either pining for songs with typical Shy Fx flavour or for a whole new Ill gates type of sound. Find Remixes, MashUps and Originals. Dubplate Style!

Ly Da Buddah – We Are Losing Our Soul
Welcome to the Dancehall of Ly da Buddah, who makes the good times roll inna Jungelist Style with Guests like the Ragga Twins, Magugu, Kunley from Ward 21, Dazed Dog, Demolition Man. Highgrade only and its outa control!

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